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Millions of questions, millions of dollars: The mad bomber bettor is at it again

Millions of questions, millions of dollars: The mad bomber bettor is at it again
Nick Foles and the Eagles will be carrying a $3 million monkey on their backs.

The morning of Nov. 1, baseball enthusiasts and fans woke up with the anxiety of a World Series game seven matchup. One game for all the marbles, in a series many were saying was the best in history.

In the gambling universe, many bettors scrambled to get their wagers in for the biggest baseball game of the season. A sense of excitement and anxiety was also being felt, as gambling degenerates waited to catch wind of what the "Let it ride " World Series gambler was going to bet in the final game.

A perfect 6 for 6, after game 6 was his record in the World Series. The devilish things the unknown gambler did to casinos was sinister. Rolling over his winnings game after game and being on the correct side left the mystery man with 14 million questions prior to Game 7. His wager on game six was said to be 8 million making his bankroll somewhere around 14 million.

With the betting world waiting to hear his next move, millions of questions were still yet to be answered. What did we know about the mysterious gambler?

Had to spread out bets in different casinos
Under 30 years old
Experienced  UFC bettor (some say he was undefeated)

With the casinos preparing for the massive wave of action that would at some point be hitting the line, suspense grew. After an eternity of waiting, finally, it was time, and the verdict was in. The Million Dollar "Let It Ride" bettor made his best bet yet, and chose to walk away. He took his winnings and wandered off leaving us in bewilderment. Now, what were we to do, make a bet on our own?

Let's fast forward

Known to be an elite UFC bettor, the enigmatic figure has resurfaced. In anticipation of UFC 220 last week, RJ Bell was the first to confirm that one of his trusted sources said they took a 100k bet on Francis Ngannou to win the heavyweight title. Things didn't go so well as the inexperienced Ngannou gassed early and the sportsbooks finally were able to claim a victory against the European conqueror known as the "Let it Ride" bettor.

The talk thus far leading up to the Super Bowl is the "Million Dollar Bet" that was placed on the Eagles. By now you may have caught word of the "Big Bet" placed on Philidelphia to win the Super Bowl. Several different stories are going around as sources are not giving out names or the bet amount. We heard it first from Jay Rood before it happened on The Numbers Game on VSiN Live. He stated that he was anticipating what could be his biggest bet in SuperB owl history, which was $2 million on the Colts in 2010. The Final score Saints 31- Colts 17 and the books cashed the enormous ticket.

On Wednesday morning, the MGM casino confirmed that a "multi-million" bet had been placed on the Eagles. They failed to specify if it was money line or on the spread and what the actual amount was. What we do know is on Wednesday afternoon, the line dropped from New England -5.5 to- 4.5. The money line odds at MGM properties also dropped from +180 to +170. As we discussed previously, the objective of the book is to generate action on both sides. With so much money coming in on one side the spread had to be adjusted accordingly in hope of welcoming Patriot backers.

Every day more information is surfacing and according to RJ Bell, the bet he placed was 3 million, which would break the all-time record. Not only that, but many are saying he is looking to get more action with other sportsbooks before the big game kicks off Next Sunday.

Stay tuned for another chapter as we take a ride on the wild side.

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