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Hey Nerds!

It's Tuesday and it's time to get this week going, I purposefully held off doing a blog yesterday because so much of what I wanted to talk about I needed to leave off for a day because this was such a crazy nerd weekend.


This week I wanted to focus on one of the big ones because I feel like they have gotten a bad reputation. The American Red Cross, now hear me out before the groans overpower everything, the thing I do like about Red Cross is that they go to all of these places and disasters and try to help out. I know a lot of times there are people who are critical after the fact and a lot of people don't trust them after the scandal from awhile back where it came out that a lot of money went towards execs and administrative costs instead of helping people, but times have changed and now most charities tell people what percentage of a donation goes towards helping people and being used as intended. #NerdsUnite


So a billion dollars later, it's been four days and Avengers is the highest grossing movie in Marvel History as far as opening weekends go, and it also set an opening weekend record in general. The Marvel Universe has now grossed over $19 billion dollars over these last ten years and that is an amazing run of films. So there are some things from the outcome of this movie that would be an issue I would think, when the movie starts the world is basically in a funk from half of all life in the universe being snapped away, and by the end of the movie everybody gets unsnapped and now return to the world of the living five years later. So what about the economy? Think about it, the world lost half its work force overnight and had to deal with that financially, things got produced and shipped slower and production slowed down as a result and therefore less money was made worldwide. Housing would have become an issue, banks and mortgages would have collapsed, life insurance companies, insurance in general, how many car crashes and issues erupted after half of everyone just vanished in an instant. So now the whole economy of the world is in ruins and slowly begins to recover, except over night, three and a half billion people come back to life. They need housing, food, clothing, materials and supplies that would immediately screw up supply and demand. Stores would struggle to keep things in stock as production begins to ramp up and job hiring slowly ticks back up. Credit would be slow to re-lend to people because well, they are five years behind on their payments. Also, technically, how old are these people now? For example, I was born in 1983, I am 35 right now, but if I just returned from five years of being snapped, am I 35 or am I 30? The Marvel Universe is going to suck to live in for the next few years and we haven't even gotten to marriages, divorces, affairs and people who were pregnant during the snap.


Literally one of the craziest and most amazing things ever filmed in the history of television just aired this weekend. The longest battle ever recorded in the history of film, longer than the Battle of Helms Deep from the Lord of the Rings trilogy which was kind of the standard epic battle for most film people. Although the Battle of the Bastards was an epic battle on film also, this battle, The Battle of Winterfell, was incredible on a whole other level. There were so many great moments in this episode from the music choices, the quiet moments amid the chaos of a massive battle. The Red Witch coming to fulfill several prophecies and settle several seeds that had been planted by her throughout the series. One thing that is fascinating to recognize when I rewatched the series in the buildup for this final season, was how everyone's storylines all weave together and tell an incredible story where people have all come together now but were all over the seven kingdoms as the story started. The other thing was the few key deaths in this episode, there were tons of people who seemed likely to die if you follow television tropes. Things where usually in war movies if there's a scene where someone reveals things in their backstory they die in the upcoming battle which put several people on the chopping block. Oddly only a few characters died in this particular episode which is fueling some speculation that the rest of these characters have bigger moments ahead of them. Also, Arya Stark is now the baddest bee on the block.


Once again it was another rough weekend for the Houston Outlaws who lost two matches including the big finale Sunday against Dallas where all the matches were held in a special homecoming weekend. For those who are a little lost, as a new league, Overwatch hosted everyone in LA for last year's debut season and this year planned a few road trips where all of the teams traveled to a few key cities for a few key weekends to help spread the game. Next year all of the teams will be in their home cities from the beginning of the year and travel will begin to be a factor for teams. The Outlaws finally played the lineup in the last match that the fans had been clamoring for where they let their six players play their strongest characters. There's a lot of data that goes into decision making and a lot of our players wind up playing various characters depending on how the map favors certain abilities instead of just playing whichever character they're best at but at about halfway through the match they played one where the team got to play to their strengths, they wound up losing the match but the overall play was much better and it is hopefully a sign of things to come. With this loss against Dallas we are now out of the Stage 2 playoffs already with a few weeks left on the schedule for this Stage.

I'm going to jump out and wish you guys a great Tuesday and remind everyone to be kind to each other and try a little harder to have a great day! I'm coming back Wednesday and we'll be bringing more good times your way. Feel free to check out my digital short story The Wilson House or buy a shirt from Side Hustle Ts where $.50 from every shirt is donated to a good cause or listen to Nerd Thug Radio or support our Patreon Page. Thoughts, complaints, events and comments can be sent to

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Now my job: Texans feast on Lions

Photo by Getty Images.

Thanksgiving is full of tradition. There's the typical family gathering, large meal, and of course, football. Sometimes, new traditions are added and old ones are retired. I think the Texans did both in their impressive 41-25 win over the Lions in Detroit. Old traditions were carried on (Lions losing on Thanksgiving), some were put to rest (Texans not being able to get turnovers), and new ones were started (multiple passing touchdowns by Deshaun Watson in six straight games).

The fact that this defense got three turnovers in the game was unbelievable! They got all three in the first quarter within the span of eight plays. JJ Watt's pick-six was insane. He went for a batted ball, ended up catching it, and ran it in. They forced Jonathan Williams to fumble on the Lions' very next play from scrimmage and recovered it. On the Lions' next possession, the Texans recovered yet another fumble after the challenge was reversed. Great call by the coaching staff to challenge and win. The defense looked good. Tyrell Adams stood out because he was in on those two fumbles, made 17 total tackles with 14 of them being solo tackles. They also brought pressure that seemed to make Matthew Stafford very inaccurate and resulted in four sacks. I give defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver credit for knowing he needs to blitz to get pressure, but the run defense has to improve.

The offense kept the tempo up in this game as well. The spread and hurry-up were used to keep the Lions already staggered defense off balance. Knowing the Lions were without a couple defensive backs, I thought it would be the perfect marriage of their defense and the Texans' offense. A buddy asked before the game about the line (Texans -3.5) and the over/under (52.5). I told him bet the Texans and the over because neither team can play defense and both have good quarterbacks. Offensive coordinator Tim Kelly put together another good game plan and Watson executed it flawlessly. One route combo I saw later on in the game I particularly enjoyed. Two receivers were tight to the left side. Cooks ran a hook/curl and settled in the middle of the zone while Fuller ran a vertical route. Duke Johnson ran a swing route to that same side. It left Cooks wide open as the attention went to Johnson in the flat, Fuller deep, and the action to the other play side. Route combos are important because it gives the quarterback different reads as he goes through his progressions and lets him pick apart the defense based on what he sees. Combine that with Watson's play and the way Kelly has changed his play calling now that he's liberated from he who shall not be named, we're seeing a beautiful thing.

As good as things were, there's still room for improvement. The defense gives up way too many easy yards, both run and pass. They can't get pressure bringing only four and will often give up big plays if the blitz is picked up. Plus the run defense is still an issue as evidenced by the Lions' first possession of the second half. The Lions ran the ball 10 plays straight for a total of 58 yards on that drive. Utterly ridiculous! Watson was good (17/25 318 yards and four touchdowns), but he missed two more touchdowns with passes slightly off, and continues to hold onto the ball too long at times. The difference between these two issues I've presented here is the fact that Watson has so played well, his "issues" are minor and very correctable, while the defense is terrible and there's no easy fix in sight. But let Romeo Crennel and Anthony Weaver tell it, they're getting the most out of these guys and they're playing disciplined.

The thought that this team may actually creep into the playoff picture may take shape better after next week if they can beat the Colts. I doubt it, but it is getting interesting. Let's see what else happens around them because they need help getting there.

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