Nerds Around Town: Home Run Derby, Spider Man and Marvel Comics

Nerds Around Town: Home Run Derby, Spider Man and Marvel Comics

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Hey Nerds!

Tuesday is here and there's no stopping now, this week is coming and it's time to crush it.


This Saturday, July 13th, hang out with the Stixx and Stonez Sundresses and Summershirts party which is also a donation drive including socks and toiletries. Head out there from 3-11p and have a good time on karma's dime.


CB Cebulski is the current editor in chief at Marvel comics and over the weekend he put his foot in his mouth a little bit. He tweeted a comment to a former creator adding to a conversation about "overwriting" initial stories from new writers. The problem is, Marvel has lately developed a reputation of canceling titles early and shoehorning them into the bigger events. For example, War of the Realms is the large event going on at Marvel and so if you were writing Moon Knight, suddenly you have to include frost giants and an Asgard war in your book about a vigilante on the streets of New York. So LOTS of people on twitter kind of attacked him for that. Also, when CB was an associate editor cutting his teeth at Marvel he kind of did a thing where he wrote some stories under a pen name that happened to be very Asian and Marvel had him write some super Asian stories (all of which is against Marvel's policy of editors writing for Marvel) ssssooo maybe he shouldn't have said anything.


The Home Run Derby was last night and for the first time ever, I actually watched it. It was fun to see the young stars go out and shine, and it was impressive watching Vlad's son crush what seemed like two million home runs. The one thing that felt unfair about all of it was that Vlad Jr hit 40 in one round and 29 in another and still somehow lost? I know they were doing a bracket but honestly, how is that fair? Also the Met's rookie doubled his income this year by winning, that's pretty cool. Caught the celebrity softball game afterwards and why hasn't anyone taught Simone Biles how to play softball? Also, where has JR Smith been this whole time?


If you haven't seen Spider Man: Far from Home yet, you need to and you're running out of time to avoid the spoilers that the two end credit scenes are bringing your way. The next phase of Marvel has been set and there's something HUGE coming and I can't wait to talk about it, so everyone has like, a few days or until Marvel makes a big announcement, whichever comes first and believe me, it's coming. Marvel has to announce their new slate of movies at some point and when they do it's going to give away the game, no doubt.


I literally have no interest in watching the All Star game tonight, unlike the Home Run Derby which has become a fun fan friendly adventure, the game is still stiff, boring baseball. And that's something MLB needs to get on top of pretty quick. Also the balls are clearly juiced, too many old hands of baseball are saying the same thing about the ball for it to not be true.

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The Astros rotation looks like a strength moving forward. Composite Getty Image.

The Houston Astros are coming off a much-needed series win over the White Sox, but have a quick turnaround as they host the Orioles on Friday night at Minute Maid Park.

The 'Stros dropped the first game of the series with Framber Valdez on the mound, but were able to rebound with Hunter Brown and Spencer Arrighetti starting the final two games.

Brown was brilliant once again, and Arrighetti bounced back after a disastrous start against the Tigers over the weekend. Despite all the injures to the Astros staff this season, their young pitchers are stepping up when they need them the most.

Brown has six consecutive quality starts and is beginning to show signs that he can be the top of the rotation pitcher the club always hoped he could develop into.

Arrighetti has stepped in and shown that he belongs in the big leagues, and has provided innings Houston desperately requires with so many pitchers on the injured list.

Speaking of which, with Justin Verlander on the IL, Double A prospect Jake Bloss will make the start for Houston on Friday night. Bloss has quickly progressed through the farm system, having been drafted just a year ago.

We'll see how he performs in his MLB debut, but the club seems to have a lot of quality pitching options moving forward, especially with Luis Garcia and Lance McCullers scheduled to return in late July and early August respectively.

And as we look at the Astros rotation moving forward, perhaps they will go back to a six-man rotation during certain stretches in the second half of the season.

Which could prove to be vital to the team's success. As good as Ronel Blanco has been, he's never pitched as many innings as he'll be asked to pitch this year. Same goes for Arrighetti. And let's face it, sending Verlander out to pitch on four days rest consistently at 41 years old doesn't sound like a wise decision. He's already been on the IL twice this year.

While some see Garcia and McCullers as wild cards to help the team this season, Astros GM Dana Brown doesn't see it that way. He told the Astros flagship station this week that he's counting on those guys to make big contributions when they return. And he's counting on their postseason experience should they get there.

Keep in mind, Garcia has a 3.61 career ERA and has been durable outside the Tommy John surgery. And McCullers has always been good, it's just the health that causes concern.

Garcia is also an example of how a player can skip Double A and Triple A and have success right away in the big leagues. Hopefully, Bloss can follow in his footsteps, since he's bypassing Triple A to make his first start.

So what's the short and long-term outlook for the Astros rotation? And should we expect Verlander to return in 2025?

Be sure to watch the video above as we address those questions and much more!

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