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Born with a comic book in one hand and a remote control in the other, Cory DLG is the talent of Conroe's very own Nerd Thug Radio and Sports. Check out the podcast replay of the FM radio show at!


This week Nerd Thug Radio sets up our plans for Extra Life which will be November 2nd. Donations will be going towards the Children's Miracle Network of Hospitals as they have every year. This thing is awesome, basically on November 2nd we'll be gaming all day. ALL DAY. And then we collect donations and bring awareness and blah blah blah. Here's what's important, the Children's Miracle Network is awesome and the money goes into local branches so LITERALLY the money you donate could SAVE YOUR CHILD. That's the stuff I'm talking about.


The Astros are winning in the playoffs, the Texans won against a suddenly alive Falcon's offense, the Rockets season is about to begin and the Cowboys lost. This is the kind of sports weekend I like talking about, good news all around is the kind of news I want to have, and hell yes I like when the Cowboys lose. But honestly, Texans, clean up the return game, we got lucky that the referees don't know the rules either but at some point mistakes will burn us.


I've been to it before, it's awesome. This is the one where all the creators go to, where all the news comes out of and all the fun stuff gets announced. This year I want to start getting out to all the various events and meeting more people, that's the next step for me as a writer. The industry is tight knit and it's hard to break in although once you break in, you are in until you suck. Anyway this is where the big time happens and tons of cool stuff was announced, and Birds of Prey were there hanging out. They announced a new Wolverine book with Kubert on it, which is one of the guys who needs to be drawing Wolverine or the x Men all the time. I'm pumped for everything to start coming out.


Tide and Head and Shoulders have been making some good ads lately. Peyton Manning is the perfect football pitch man and Patrick Mahone's (weird voice and everything) has made some great commercials himself. The one between him and Troy Polamalu is great, they added to it this week with them disagreeing on tons of words and then there's a great bit with the wind blowing their hair back and I won't ruin it, but it's worth seeing.


DC has released a timeline of its comic book history and honestly this is always a mistake. Always. Lining up how long ago something is or was on paper suddenly makes things look wrong. For example now by one creator's estimate World War 2 was in the mid-1960s… oops. This doesn't make any sense at all and this is exactly why you don't put these things down on paper.

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It's no surprise that Justin Verlander's return to the Houston Astros will have massive implications for the team not only this season, but heading into next year and beyond.

While Houston GM Dana Brown has said that Yainer Diaz is the catcher of the future, would anyone be surprised if Martin Maldonado returns to the Astros in 2024? And if he does, what would keep him from catching Verlander, and Framber Valdez if they want him in that role? Hey, let's be honest, we know for a fact that they do. Verlander and Framber love throwing to him.

We also know Maldy was working to get JV back to the Astros, catcher Korey Lee was traded to Chicago in the Kendall Graveman deal, and Machete once again proved his worth by calling the pitches for Framber's no-hitter.

The Astros are obviously all in to win a championship in 2023 and 2024, so bringing Maldy back for one more year seems more likely than not. Especially if Dusty Baker has anything to say about it.

Which brings up another question. Does Verlander's return all but assure Dusty Baker AND Maldonado are locks to return in 2024? And if they do come back, it's hard to see Dusty naming Diaz the starter over Maldy when he's been reluctant to do so this year, despite Maldonado's glaring offensive and defensive struggles.

Let's make this clear, this isn't a conversation about what we think they should do. This is about how we see things playing out based on what the Astros and Baker have shown us over the last several years.

We would actually be open to Maldonado returning, if he truly is the backup and only catching about twice a week. But we could see Dusty leaning on his veteran catcher for one more year if it's his call in the end.

Perhaps there could be a compromise between Dana Brown and Dusty. Brown could agree to bring Maldonado back if Dusty agrees to play Diaz at catcher for at least three out of every five starts. Something we've been clamoring for over the last few months.

Be sure to watch the video above as we project how this situation could unfold heading into next season.

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