The head coach addressed the potential future of the headset

O'Brien not yet sure who is calling plays

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The head coach of the Houston Texans isn't ready to declare which voice Deshaun Watson will hear the play calls from next season.

"I think it's so early right now to really talk about any of that," Bill O'Brien said Wednesday from the NFL Scouting Combine when asked who would be the person calling the plays on Sundays.

The only options are O'Brien remaining the man with the microphone or newly promoted offensive coordinator Tim Kelly.

O'Brien was bullish on Kelly's potential as the team's offensive coordinator.

"We have a system in place, he knows the system, he knows where the system needs to be improved, he knows how it can be tweaked, he knows the things that we have to keep doing that we did well last year."

Kelly finds himself in this position after being the team's tight ends coach. O'Brien said the team has a philosophy of preparing young coaches and giving them more as the team's faith in them grows.

Kelly, of course, fits that mold.

"He's run the third down meeting. He's run our Wednesday morning meeting where we introduce the opponents' defense. He's done a lot of things in front of the unit because I do think that you can't just take a guy and say 'OK, he coached tight ends and that's all he ever did' and then you just put him in front of a unit of professional football players. That's not what we've done here."

It very well could still be O'Brien with Kelly as the backup option, or vice versa. As for the current task in front of the team's new offensive coordinator O'Brien trusts Kelly.

"He's had a lot of input into what we do. He's had a big part of the process and he's ready for the challenge."

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