An off-the-wall look at all the NFL games from Week 6

An off-the-wall look at all the NFL games from Week 6
Tom Brady won? Someone slept threw it. Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

It’s Week 6. My team came through, did yours?

Eagles vs NYG

I’ve always said I love Eli when he plays the Eagles because he feeds the green team more than his own. Pick city! No one will bring your team their swagger back like the NYGs.

Falcons vs Bucs

Look at Winston out there scoring for everyone but his own team! Winston can eat a ... never mind. It’s time someone exits the NFL.

Seahawks vs Raiders

No one cared to watch this game besides the London folks. And by the looks of the final score, it’s obvious Gruden was only there to sight see and get his passport stamped.

Texans vs Bills

Where’s bills mafia? Let’s just throw a dildo on the field and call it a day. Watson’s struggles hurt my eyes. Speaking of eyes, Watson needs a check up. Is he on Houston’s roster or Buffalo's? Gross.

Steelers vs Bengals

Big Ben has a better chance of nailing another case than nailing one of his receivers. A win is a win but this was pathetic.

Dolphins vs Bears

Wow. Was I wrong on this game or was I wrong? Watson’s blind, Winston is a walking garbage can.. and Brock is... on fire??? LOL Chicago your D looked like garbage. Enjoys the slums this week.

Jags vs Cowboys

So for the second week in a row the Jags decide to sleep on the defensive end of the ball. PSA: You can’t play offense so the D is where you penetrate. Yuck. You disgust me. Worst part? You let poor Dallas fans think their team is actually decent. Way to go frauds.

Ravens vs Titans

Finally. A team I can trust. Hold on, let me re read that line. Yes, the Baltimore Ravens earned My trust. #HollyHallPass Congrats Ravens!

Chiefs vs Patriots 

I fell asleep drunk. Damn the Cowgirls. @ me.

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Everyone is talking about the Texans! Composite Getty Image.

How quickly things can change in a year. Just last April, Texans fans were on the edge of their seats hoping the organization would land their franchise quarterback in the NFL Draft.

Fast-forward to 2024 and the state of the Texans franchise is almost unrecognizable. NBC Sports' Mike Florio is making statements about how the NFL must love the Texans because they are the proof that any team can turn their franchise around in one year. Which makes the NFL Draft look even more important. Draft picks give fanbases hope, and unlike baseball and to some extent basketball, many of the top picks start right away.

More Texans love

Other national media members like Colin Cowherd are creating segments about which teams could be the 2025 version of the Texans. In fact, Cowherd praised the Texans last week for reaching out to him two years ago for information about Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton.

Post-free agency he picked the Texans to miss the playoffs, but it seems like he's rethinking his prediction.


Some in the media have their concerns about the Texans trade for Stefon Diggs. Ross Tucker was a guest of the Rich Eisen Show and questioned if wiping the remaining years off of Diggs' contract was a good idea.

First, he thought trading a 2025 second-round pick was too much to give up for a player on a one-year deal. But his second point made us stop and think. He compared this situation to something he experienced in his playing career. He's worried that if Diggs isn't getting enough targets and production in a contract year, he might become a problem.

And the Texans have plenty of weapons to spread the ball to this year with Nico Collins, Diggs, Tank Dell, Dalton Schultz, Noah Brown, Robert Woods, Joe Mixon…you get the point.

So we did a little digging into the numbers. There's a scenario in which the Texans could have two receivers go over one thousand yards.

Everybody eats!

We can just look around the league and see that both the Eagles (AJ Brown, DeVonta Smith) and Dolphins (Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle) did it in 2022 and 2023. The Bengals (Ja'Marr Chase, Tee Higgins) also had two receivers go over a thousand yards in 2021 and 2022.

CJ Stroud averaged 274 passing yards per game in 2023, if we multiply that number by seventeen games that puts CJ at 4,658 yards. Nico Collins had 1,297 yards in 15 games last season, and Stefon Diggs recorded 1,183 receiving yards. So that would leave 2.178 yards for the other pass catchers in the offense.

While it's unlikely Tank Dell gets to one thousand if everyone stays healthy, he could get fairly close. Stroud doesn't throw to his running backs all that often, and the Texans should have Dell, Diggs, and Collins together on the field more than fifty percent of the time.

Don't count him out

Texans quarterback CJ Stroud met with the Houston media this week and talked about the team's wide receiver room, which now includes Stefon Diggs.

One of the other names he brought up was receiver John Metchie III. Stroud said he's looking good in workouts, so he could be another mouth to feed in the Houston offense.

And considering how the season finished in Baltimore for the Texans, having too many receivers is a good problem to have. If we only look at the wide receivers and eliminate tight ends and running backs from the conversation, the picture becomes very clear. Collins led the wide receivers with 5 catches for 68 yards. Which receiver came in second, you ask? Robert Woods with 1 catch for 6 yards.

Bring on the receivers!

Don't miss the video above for the full discussion about Diggs, the Texans' new-look offense, and how they are being perceived by the media.

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