PFF: Watson's best game so far; Talented Browns team ahead

Deshaun Watson has had some nice games, but Monday night was his best. Bob Levey/Getty Images

Pro Football Focus grades each individual player's performance and assigns them a grade. All 32 teams use Pro Football Focus. 

Each week we will take a look at some of the key grades as well as some from the Texans upcoming opponent. They also do great fantasy analysis and draft coverage as well. Stats are for the previous game unless otherwise noted. You can join Pro Football Focus here

Deshaun Watson - 91.8 offense grade

His best grade of the season. Watson only made a handful of mistakes in this game and even then they were excusable ones because he was fantastic on this night. He took care of the ball and gave his pass catcher plenty of chances to make plays. He got his legs moving too as he was scrambling more than he has in recent weeks. He completed almost 80 percent of his passes. He was on against the Titans. His next task is a suddenly hot Browns team and it may not be nearly as easy. 

Johnathan Joseph - 46.8 defense grade

A rare bad game from Joseph who has been on a hot streak recently. It's his lowest graded game since his last game against Tennesee in week two. The Titans seemed content to pick on Joseph and the dump offs the Titans like to use in their offense will affect his grade quite a bit. He allowed a big completion and all the passes his way to be completed. A rare bad game. I would expect he bounces back against the Browns. 

Justin Reid - 33.2 tackling grade

Justin Reid finally missed a tackle. The nature of the Titans offense sets up for a hard night for grading safties. They throw it shorts and players have to run up from the safety position and make big plays. It was the first time his tackling grade had slipped below the 80's since week one of the season. It cost him his league-best tackling grade but it was a rare slip-up for Reid. He learns quickly and likely will be making big plays against the Browns. 

Myles Garrett - 83.2 defensive grade (season)

The former top pick is the 10th best-graded edge defender in football when accounting for playing 50 percent of the team's snaps. He's a monster. He has 10 sacks on the season to his name and he is just as dangerous in slowing down the run too. He will be a tough one to slow down for the Texans. It will be important for Deshaun Watson to use his legs to escape some of the pressure and make sure the protection is there to handle Garrett. 

Denzel Ward - 84.4 coverage grade (season)

He is a rookie and has the fourth-best coverage rating in football when accounting for playing 50 percent of the team's snaps. That is insane. He was widely panned when he was drafted but Ward is playing his tail off. He has tallied 11 pass deflections and three interceptions. The quarterback rating when throwing at Ward is 69.7 which is one of the best in the league. It will be a challenge for the Texans wideouts dealing with this talented rookie.

As always, you can join Pro Football Focus here

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Texans fall to Browns. Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images.

The Houston Texans kept it closer than the experts thought they would, but couldn't pull out a victory. Here are 11 observations from the loss in Cleveland to the Browns.

1. The game looks totally different if Texans quarterback Tyrod Taylor finishes the game. Taylor left at halftime with a hamstring injury. He was playing exceptionally well against his former team. Taylor is not expected to play Thursday according to NFL Network.

2. Davis Mills had a rocky NFL debut which was to be expected. Mills looked to have the wrong elements of a few plays. He also couldn't hit backup wideout Andre Roberts over the middle and threw an interception. It was a fine performance considering what Mills showed he could do in the preseason.

3. Mills didn't work with a full load of offensive weapons in the second half. Rookie wideout Nico Collins didn't return to the game after his lone catch and big run early in the game. Veteran slot receiver Danny Amendola left the game with an injury. Tight end Anthony Auclair left with an eye injury. The Texans entered the game without wide receiver Anthony Miller who was inactive.

4. Brandin Cooks is a monster through two games. He is the most dangerous skill position player on the team, and defenses still have trouble covering him and staying with him. Cooks turned in yet another impressive day for this team and hauled in a Davis Mills touchdown pass.

5. The Browns did a solid job against the ground game of the Texans. Mark Ingram averaged under three yards per carry and Tyrod Taylor was the only rusher to have a big play on the ground. This led to a fair number of third-and-long situations which the Texans usually had trouble converting.

6. Justin Reid was set to increase his payday on his next contract with his early play. Reid forced a fumble and had an interception in the first half. Unfortunately, Reid would leave the game multiple times with injuries. The knock on Reid has always been his health.

7. The Texans were worn down by the Browns rushing attack all day. Once Cleveland committed to the run they saw the success of their work culminating in a 26-yard scamper by Nick Chubb for a touchdown. The Browns didn't run as much as I excepted them to run early.

8. Tim Kelly had another nice day calling plays. Kelly remains creative in finding ways to get the ball out of Taylor's hands quickly as well as manufacturing matchups where the Texans can win and pick up yards. He even got creative to get Davis Mills a passing touchdown late in the game. Kelly has been very impressive through two games.

9. Andre Roberts was inexcusably bad today. The Texans defense held on the opening drive and his muffed punt eliminated the momentum from the defensive stand. He also had poor returns on kickoffs. His lone job is to be a solid returner, and he failed at that on Sunday.

10. David Culley had a head-scratching decision foregoing an offsides call on a third down. The head coach opted for the result of the third down, and a punt on fourth down, instead of another third down. He did not explain himself well postgame on the decision either.

11. The Texans hung tough and should feel solid about where they could have been without the injury to their quarterback. With no Taylor in the short week, it will not be easy to beat the Panthers who upset the Saints on Sunday.

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