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Last week, I wrote about what we could expect from the sports world moving forward following the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking at several different factors, I attempted to forecast what the sports world could look like whenever we return to the new normal. While there are numerous questions that remain unanswered about sports possibly returning, life goes on. Time doesn't stop and neither should we. So what are you doing in the meantime? Here are a few things my family and I have been up to:

Watching sports classics

Several networks, mainly ESPN and its fellow Disney brands, are airing classic sporting events. Whether they're the events we're accustomed to seeing at this time of year or others, I've enjoyed reliving these classics. The final round of the '97 Masters was among my favorites because that's when Tiger Woods took the golf world by storm. NFL Network has been replaying classic games and its America's Team series about Super Bowl champions. The different league's networks have been doing the same. Kick back and enjoy some classics. It's the best we've got for now.

Teaching the kids new skills

While the kids have been out of school, they've been tasked with distance learning. This means the schools and their districts have turned into facilitators while parents have added the title of teachers to their list of responsibilities. Up above was a lesson teaching our son how to wax his car. We also give them a critical thinking problem to solve every few days. They're also on a schedule so they aren't sleeping until 10-11am everyday. Routine is important. So is taking this time to spend with your kids to teach them things they won't learn in school.

Binge shows

While I spend most of my time watching sports, there are so many shows I haven't gotten into. I just finished season one of Ozark and can't wait to get up to date. Crime and cop shows are my favorites so I've been watching a ton of Law and Order: SVU, and recently got into Chicago P.D. If you guys have any suggestions, I'm all ears. I've gotten to the point in which some shows I've seen episodes so many times, I can recite the lines while taking a bathroom break and not miss a beat. This is either a sign of impending madness, or genius.

Eat and shop local

Too many businesses are losing money or are closing altogether. Supporting these businesses is essential to a thriving economy. If you're able, please try to support these businesses. We make it a point to try to eat from a local restaurant at least a couple times a week. By no means are we well off, but we know the importance of supporting the places around us. We had a delivery driver thank us for ordering food because it means she has a job still. She was almost in tears thanking us. If that doesn't show you the importance, I don't know what will.

Virtual parties

Whether it's the celebrity DJs or your own family, virtual parties have been awesome! Some DJs are raising money for various charities and/or healthcare workers. Pour a drink, login, and enjoy! My family has had a couple virtual parties. We even had drinks together. Doing things like this isn't the same as going out to a club or a family gathering, but it's something to occupy our time while maintaining social distancing and gives us a semblance of normalcy.

Whatever you do during this time, do it wisely. Protect yourself and the others around you. If you're feeling like the walls are closing in on you, talk to someone. You aren't alone. Lots of people are out there feeling like they're going crazy. I know of a few people that I know I need to check on every so often. I drove by one friend's house Saturday because we were in the area getting food. We honked, waved, and chatted from a safe distance. I know he's going crazy so I made sure to check on him. Bottom line: do something, be kind, stay active and don't descend into madness. We'll get through this.

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Here's hoping Baker gets another trophy. Photo by Marco Torres/@MarcoFromHouston

With all the frenzied speculation surrounding Houston Astros stars who may or may not return — Trey Mancini and Will Smith are now free agents — fans received some welcome news from the team on Wednesday, November 9.

Beloved manager Dusty Baker will return next year, Astros owner Jim Crane announced on Wednesday. While exact terms weren’t disclosed, Baker’s deal is a one-year contract through the end of the 2023 season, per the team.

“Hey man, we’ve got a chance to win back-to-back and this is what I’d like to do,” Baker said at a news conference on Wednesday, per MLB.com. “I’ve got work to do. You can’t be satisfied on where you are right now or you’ll never get past where you are right now.”

“I love winning more than anything,” he continued. “I’m spoiled by winning. That’s what I plan on doing, doing some more winning.”

Baker has been doing plenty of winning since he joined the Astros. His new deal comes off the Astros’ historic 2022 season, capped by the team’s Game 6 clinching of its second World Series title since 2017. Under Baker’s management, the Astros dominated the American League with a 106-56 record, the second-best in franchise history.

That domination continued throughout the postseason, with a 7-0 sweep in the American League Division Series and American League Championship Series.

As the nation watched, the Astros faced off with the Philadelphia Phillies for the Commissioner’s Trophy, rallying three straight wins, including the 4-1 win in Game 6 to secure the title in front of a raucous Minute Maid Park crowd on Saturday, November 5.

By the numbers, re-signing Baker is a no-brainer; he boasts a combined record of 230-154 (.599) in the regular season over his three seasons with the team, which tops the AL in that span.

A calming presence when he took over the team in 2020, Baker ushered the team to a mere one win away from the World Series. The next season, the Astros scored the AL pennant and headed to the World Series, where they were eventually bested by the Atlanta Braves in six games.

And this year? The run has been nothing short of magical… continue on CultureMap.

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