Raheel Ramzanali: 5 definitive patriotic sports films for the Fouth of July

Baseball and patriotism go hand in hand for two of the top 5 movies. Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

Earlier this week as I was browsing the internet, I came across a list of the most patriotic films to watch on the 4th. Now, I went over the list with a few other diehard Americans and we weren’t down with it so I wanted to create the definitive list for sports fans featuring the most patriotic sports themed movies for Independence Day. Essentially, you want to fire up all of these movies throughout the day - of course taking a break for the Nathan’s hotdog eating contest - and celebrate your freedom and love for sports.

5. Field of Dreams

The summer is all about baseball and this is essentially the greatest baseball movie ever according to everyone but me. More on my pick later. This movie has all the big themes you want not only in a movie, but a patriotic movie. A farmer from Iowa - CHECK. Baseball - CHECK. Father/Son problems - CHECK. Hearing voices in your head and causing your family financial pain - CHECK. This movie is a major downer for me, but I don’t want old baseball guy getting mad at me for leaving it off the list.

4. Rocky Franchise

Take your pick on this all-time American classic. Obviously the diehards will take IV because of the Mother Russia vs American story lines, but you should also pick it because it was the highest grossing movie of the franchise and nothing says America like financial success. This success did come at the cost of Rocky V being greenlit and the entire world being subjected to Rocky’s son wearing a dangling earring, but that’s another discussion. Me personally? I take Rocky Balboa because it’s so painful to watch that it might force you to go outside and actually enjoy your day off.

3. Miracle

If this doesn’t make you want to shoot off fireworks because you love the USA then just stop reading and move.

2. The Sandlot

The only people that don’t think The Sandlot isn’t that greatest baseball movie ever are the ones that didn’t have friends growing up. The backbone of most friendships is sports and no movie captures that love for your buddy like The Sandlot. Few scenes are more patriotic than the annual night game with fireworks so this automatically beats Field of Dreams.

1. American Anthem

 This 1986 American classic is often overlooked by many when it comes to great sports movies, but I will not be one of those foolish writers. American Anthem features failure, redemption, banging songs from the 80’s and super tight leather clothing. In fact, you could show this movie to a history class and it will perfectly capture all of our American ideals from an entire decade. I dare you to find me a more American movie than this classic gymnastics film celebrating our country.


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