Ranking the top 5 red-ass pitchers in Astros history

The Houston Astros have certainly had their fair share of talented pitchers over the years.

Some of those pitchers had a little extra attitude and grit in their personalities.

ESPN 97.5's Joel Blank discusses which surly pitchers are the best in Astros history. Point Blank is presented by Fitz Roofing.

Composite photo by Jack Brame

Many Houston fans are wondering what it would take for the Astros to bring Gerrit Cole back and sign him to a long-term contract.

Cole is represented by Scott Boras who is known for being one of the best agents when it comes to getting his clients paid.

ESPN 97.5's Charlie Pallilo and Raheel Ramzanali discuss what the Astros would have to do to come up with the money to pay Gerrit Cole and keep him in an Astros uniform.