Stephen Silas' future with Houston Rockets could come down to these 4 critical factors

Silas' seat is getting hotter by the day. Composite image by Brandon Strange.

I've been a proponent of Stephen Silas staying on as Rockets head coach. I believe he's good for the young guys the team is building around. On November 24, I wrote about him potentially being on the hot seat, but he needs time to cook. On December 14, I wrote about how they were looking impressive against playoff caliber teams and the young guys improving. Not even a month later, Silas is at the center of another mob calling for his head. This time, it may be warranted.

After watching the video of Eric Gordon saying there's been no improvement, then seeing John and Lance's reaction, I have some thoughts. First up: Is Gordon bitter about his contract status, or is he truly frustrated? Second: Silas has seemingly lost a grip on guys' attention and/or has an accountability issue. Third: When does Tilman pull the trigger? Does he pull the trigger? If so, then who?

1) If Gordon is bitter about his contract, his words have to be taken in context. Anger can cause a skewed vision of what's going on around you. Don't believe me? Go to Twitter the next time a polarizing issue comes up and read the two sides. Gordon could be angling for his way out so he can go to a contender. Or he's looking for an extension. If he's looking for an extension, this is a strange way to go about it. I think he's frustrated with his contract, and he hasn't seen improvement which is compounding his frustrations.

2) Silas may have lost guys' attention. Body language in huddles, on the bench, and in front of the media suggests there may be an issue. Accountability is a part of this as well. When Jabari Smith Jr appeared to lash out the other day on the sidelines, I knew there was a problem. He doesn't strike me as the type of guy that'll have a poor attitude. Kevin Porter Jr had his struggles with professionalism but seems to have things under control. John Lucas has been a Godsend for this team. While Silas was seen as a player development guy, Lucas has long had the rep as a guy who can help straighten out guys who have issues.

3) Tilman Fertitta is a man used to winning. He turned his family business into a multi-billion-dollar entity. Seeing his team struggle continuously means he won't stand for the rebuild much longer. He wants results. After two consecutive years drafting top talent, this team needs to show more than the ability to win a few games here and there. They should be giving 30-40 wins a run, while also developing players. Now, I'm wondering if over 27.5 wins was a bad bet. Fertitta is undoubtedly wondering about his head coach and if he's the right man for the job.

4) If the trigger was to be pulled (midseason or offseason), I think Lucas would be the ideal candidate to take over. He has a report with the youth movement and is widely respected as not only a basketball lifer, but also a life coach. I championed Silas as the guy for the rebuild based on his previous work. However, if he can't get the team to respond, it may be time for a change. You don't want to lose the locker room this early into a rebuild. These kids will get the idea the team isn't going to win and start looking out for themselves. When Granato said there are rumblings, I believe him. His seat needs to be hot enough to spur change in the way he coaches. If not, there needs to be a change and Lucas needs to take over. He's been in the kitchen long enough with some good groceries. If the meal isn't edible by now, time to get a new chef.

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