Sports on the Rocks Episode 1 -- Travis Johnson

Get ready for the premiere of Sports on the Rocks. Courtesy photo

Welcome to the pilot for Sports on the Rocks, a new show dedicated to Houston sports with a twist -- both the hosts and the guest are drinking heavily throughout. Produced by Remy Carter and hosted by Holly Seymour with Fred Faour, the inaugural episode features former Houston Texan and local personality Travis Johnson. He shares some poignant moments from his past, talks about Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M;, how some kids still remember him from his Texans days and is entertaining throughout. We hope you enjoy it.

If you have trouble with the video above, you can watch here.

Sports on the Rocks Episode 1 -- Pilot

Producer -- Remy Carter

Hosts -- Holly Seymour, Fred Faour

Guest -- Travis Johnson

Running time -- 32 minutes