SportsMap's Cody Stoots details what he saw and heard that will stick with him from the 2019 NFL Combine

Stoots: 11 favorite things from the NFL Combine

D.K. Metcalf is a physical freak. Getty Images.

It was my first trip to Indianapolis and my first trip to cover the combine. These are my 11 favorite things from the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine.

1. Washington tackle Kaleb McGary has one of the best journeys to the combine and one of the best personalities.

"Fair warning – it's basically a country song, so get ready," said McGary.

His family lost their farm. His father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Girlfriend leaves him. Dog dies. His family lives in an RV in his grandparent's yard. Get second RV to have some space. Get room cleaned in grandparent's house. Second RV catches fire. Burns house. Parents almost die. Jump through hoops to get GoFundMe cleared with NCAA. Use all of the money quickly. House work stops. He has a heart arrhythmia that requires surgeries in college.

All of that plus the heartbreak of multiple Huskies seasons not going their way. Then he did this at the combine.

And he did it all with a smile. Great perspective. Great dude. Easy to root for Kaleb McGary.

2. Big people aren't supposed to move like Andre Dillard did.

Read more about Dillard and his fit with the Texans.

3. Justice for all, or at least one team in a couple of months. The Oklahoma State Cowboys back was a freak. He came in without a lot of buzz and left with almost all of it.

4. It ain't the luck of the Irish when you have these skills. Notre Dame wideout Miles Boykin found himself with the same type of combine Justice Hill had. Showed up, was a freak, left with the hype.

He can go up too.

Oh, and he ripped off a 4.42 40-yard dash as well.

5. Speaking of really impressive athletes, how about D.K. Metcalf? At 6 feet 3 inches, 228 pounds and 1.6% body fat he did this

And this.

And most impressively to me, this.

Oh and he called his family after that blazing fast run and despite looking like a monster had a very human moment.

6. Washington Redskins strength coach Chad Englehart deserves props. He oversaw the bench press for I believe every player. His energy was the same for every guy. He encouraged them. Gave them tips. He even got them hype when they wanted it or needed it.

It was awesome watching the bench press. It was even more awesome watching these athletes root each other on, with some directing from Englehart in the process. They're all competing against each other essentially but they were sure to root for each other here. Made me want to get out there and lift.

7. The Millionaire Mouth. Hakeem Butler was the best draft prospect on the microphone at their media availability. Here are some of his highlights.

His favorite route? "I guess just 'go' because like a lot of people here, ya'll gonna sleep on my speed. Once I get up on ya, it's too late."

What does he make of the buzz around him? "You think there's been a lot of buzz about me? I disagree with that. I don't think there's been enough buzz. But we're gonna fix that soon."

What makes you the best wideout prospect? "I'm 6-6, first of all. Nobody here is 6-6. I'm the biggest. I'm gonna run good. So … I just know me. It's up to you to believe who you are. I believe I'm the best."

What advice did he get from Calvin Johnson? "That the man across from you is trying to take your head off so you have to take his head off first."

The he did this the next day.

8. Ed Oliver is ready to invest his NFL money. The Houston defensive lineman grew up with horses but he might have other livestock in mind when he has NFL money.

Maybe if he gets some of those wagyu cows and turns them into steaks maybe he could pass them along to...

9. I believe I have found football Ron Swanson. Washington State quarterback Gardner Minshew was awesome talking to the media. He has quite the reputation as a rambunctious character but he was a cool customer at the podium. The mustache is here to stay. Outside of football he does woodworking and likes to cook.

"Man, throw me on the grill, that's my specialty. Steaks, burgers, however you like it, I'll make it for you."

Washington State QB Gardner Minshew aka Football Ron SwansonCody Stoots of SportsMap

He also had maybe one of the best answers about his ability playing quarterback.

"I'd say elevating the guys around you," he said. "That's what it's all about playing this position. Taking this team, going 11-2, 11 wins for the first time in school history. That's what it's all about, making the guys around you better, that's how you come to work every day and how you lead."

10. "Do you have both your testicles?" That was the question asked to Texas cornerback Kris Boyd.

I have no idea why they would ask him that but that was one of the only out there questions I heard about all week.

11. The best tacos in the world? They are in Indianapolis according to one of my drivers at the combine.

Unfortunately I didn't get to try them. Maybe next year.

I did try the local favorite. Indianapolis is famous for this shrimp cocktail.

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Post-draft Texans fan freak out...or not

Brian Gaine had a decent draft.

Last week, I wrote about the Texans needing to draft more out of need as opposed to best player available. That came about after watching the roster moves they made and didn't make in free agency. Lance Zierlein brought up a good point on their morning show when he stated that by the Texans continuing to sign less free agents than they lose, it keeps them eligible for compensatory draft picks.

The draft came a few days after the article, and to form, the Texans drafted out of need instead of adding quality depth. I'd say five of their seven selections were done because of need: two offensive linemen, two defensive backs, and a tight end. Defensive end Charles Omenihu and fullback Cullen Gallaspia were guys who added depth at their positions, but weren't necessarily needs. Defensive end is a position they have decent players at, and they've never really carried a fullback. However, the fifth and seventh rounds aren't rounds you typically take quality depth guys. Those rounds are reserved for special teamers and/or taking a flyer on a guy for various reasons. Cody Stoots wrote a very good in-depth look at the Texans 2019 draft class. If you're looking for info on these guys, some film, analysis of their skillsets, and even some fun tidbits, I suggest reading his article.

What I want to focus on here are the fan freak outs. Fan reactions after drafts have always been a range of emotions. Some fans will act as if this is the worst draft class ever and the team will take years to recover. Some will think the team just drafted three future All-Pros and maybe a Hall of Famer that will lead them to several Super Bowl wins. Others will take more of a mild mannered approach. The proper response is to wait and see. Unless you're a Giants fan. In that case this year, it is totally OK to freak out and think your team has been set back several years.

I've noticed a range with Texans fans. Social media tends to bring out the worst in people, especially when it comes to sports and/or politics. Texans fan reactions have ranged from "Why did we take another project offensive linemen? We could've taken ___ instead!", to "I love this pick! I think he's going to anchor the line for years to come!," to "Meh. Let's see what they do when it's time to play."

I must say, I'm pretty damn proud of Texans fans this year for not going too overboard. Taking the wait and see approach is best. Draft classes take about two to three years to tell whether or not they were good. Instant draft grades only tell you the opinion of the person giving the grade as it relates to what their perceived needs for that team were before the draft started and how it relates to the players they took. For the most part, Texans fans have more fallen into the "love/like" or "meh" categories. I think they're happy that there were some needs filled, but are skeptical as to how well the players will be able to fill those roles. In years past, Texans fans have freaked out big time. Mario Williams, JJ Watt, and Duane Brown are the most famous freak out picks. Jadeveon Clowney and Andre Johnson were two picks the fans seemed to love universally.

This growth and maturity as a fan base should be met with some production by the team and the front office. When a fan base shows a level of maturity and wises up, it can often leave your team high and dry if you can't produce winning results. I'd love to see the day when fans start protesting with their money and force ownership to make some actual changes. But I'd rather see this team start winning and giving those fans something to celebrate and give me more interesting things to write about.

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