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The final week before Summer Slam set up some interesting moments, with Summer Slam looking like a great event this Sunday. However, there are some things that need to be addressed; there are two storylines that I have a particular problem with and WWE has kind of doubled down on them this week and I honestly don't enjoy it. The first one is Roman Reigns being put in actual physical harm, two weeks ago they did a lame stunt and faked dropping scaffolding on Roman, then this week on Raw they actually had a genuine car accident stunt where Roman lunged back into his SUV before a car hit his. There's fun WWE style drama and then there are actual stunts where someone can get hurt, and this is a call back to those old school times when Jackass was on the airwaves and wrestling was a little more irresponsible. Which leads me to my other issue, Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins rivalry going too far, Brock Lesnar has now severely injured Seth Rollins twice, if you believe the hype machine we are now to believe that Seth Rollins will overcome great physical duress to beat a Beast? Not only have they done this exact storyline with Seth Rollins when he signed a waiver to fight Triple H a few years back but it's just reckless and stretches all believability. It's actually too much.

There were some really cool moments on Raw that I'll touch on briefly, Bray Wyatt showing up and putting the Mandible Claw on Kurt Angle was cool. The 24/7 bit was at least funny, but I am truly tired of Maria Kanellis and honestly of the 24/7 title. The Viking Experience is now stale, the audience was dead silent as they had yet another squash match in the ring, it's time to either write them a story or bench them. The OC is a terrible name for a faction but at least they can put on a good match and against the New Day and Ricochet it was a great match, also Rey Mysterio and Andrade put on an amazing match. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross winning the women's tag titles was cool, but it makes me wonder why give it to the Iconics at all and what is the future of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. The obvious stunner of the week is Goldberg's surprise announcement against Ziggler, it's one of those odd moments though considering that means The Miz doesn't have a match and they trotted The Heartbreak Kid for nothing, it's a great surprise but an odd moment if you think about it.

Smackdown kicked off with an awful Charlotte Flair and Trish Stratus promo, this is not the match that anyone's asked for. Dolph Ziggler is making a great heel turn although the idea that he is a legend killer is an odd stretch considering he's at least ten years into the wrestling game himself. It's probably because of his time on the bench, but I honestly don't care for Mustafa Ali at all. There was a lot going on in this Smackdown, and some weird moments like the Zayn vs Black match and the odd moment where Bayley comes out to save Ember Moon after taking a cheap shot at her the other day, just odd moments indeed. The big reveal that it was Rowan coming after Reigns was interesting but considering how much I hate the storyline overall, I'm not sure how great it is. Overall Summer Slam is looking good though.

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