Let's discuss the positives for each Texans coaching finalist

How would hiring Gannon impact Lovie Smith? Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images.

The Texans are down to three head coaching finalists in their pursuit of the franchise's next leader on the sidelines. Brian Flores, Jonathan Gannon, and Josh McCown. While these guys may not be who Texans' fans wanted, it's what they've got. The front office is set and secure, now it's time to hire the guy that'll be the face of the team...until they get another big-time star.

All three guys have been brought in for a second interview. All three have certain qualities and qualifications that make them viable head coaching candidates. Let's take a look at all three and why I think they just may work:

Brian Flores: Let's ignore the fact that he's suing the league and all 32 owners for discrimination. Big ask, I get it. But if that news hadn't come down, this guy would've been considered the leading candidate by some. He helped guide the Dolphins back to respectability. Fired after going 24-25 in three seasons in Miami, Flores is an apple off the Bill Belichick tree. He's one of the few "successful" apples in that bunch. He's also the only finalist with previous head coaching experience at the NFL level, as well as the only one with ties to the Patriots (same cloth Nick Caserio and Jack Easterby are cut from). Patriots ties alone make him an interesting prospect, not to mention him bringing the Dolphins back up to par.

Jonathan Gannon: Gannon (39) is a tad younger than Flores (41) and has less experience. The intrigue in him is potential because of his age and because the defense was pretty lively under Lovie Smith, so there wasn't a need for change on that side of the ball. He seems like one of those go-getters who could prove to be the next John Harbaugh: little known coach who comes to prominence as a head coach. I'd be interested in seeing what he does at defensive coordinator (specifically if he keeps Lovie, or decides to go in another direction), and offensive coordinator (this person will most likely have autonomy on that side of the ball due to his defensive background).

Josh McCown: McCown is the most intriguing, head-scratching, and puzzling finalist by far! His only coaching experience is at the high school level. He is the only finalist with NFL playing experience, having recently retired after serving as an emergency quarterback during the 2020 season. 19 years playing quarterback has to account for something. He fits the bill of the guy who can be another puppet, since he doesn't have the skins on the wall other guys have. Or he could be a revelation hire that shatters the myth of hiring guys with little to no coaching experience. His ceiling isn't as high as his floor is low because of his inexperience. He has some relationships in the organization, having spent time here as a backup.

Overall, this pool leaves much left to be desired. They all have their flaws, but they also have their appeal to the brass doing the hiring. Here's to hoping one of them is here for the next decade plus, making posts like this obsolete!

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