Texans fans, we have a proposition for you

The Texans laid an egg against the Broncos on Sunday losing 38-24, which came one week after one of the biggest wins in franchise history.

There's a pattern with the Texans this season where they win a couple big games and then drop a game to an inferior opponent.

ESPN 97.5's Charlie Pallilo shares his thoughts on the Texans' loss to the Broncos, and questions if fans would be okay with the team missing the playoffs if that would lead to the firing of Bill O'Brien.


How the Astros yet again embarrassed Bill O'Brien and the Texans

Composite photo by Jack Brame

The Houston Astros have been interviewing anybody and everybody in their search for a new manager.

While the Houston Texans have taken a different approach by refusing to listen to outside opinions and hiring from within to fill their opening at defensive coordinator.

ESPN 97.5's Joel Blank shares his take on why the Astros continue to run circles around the Texans when it comes to leadership and management from the top down.

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