A breakout game in Fuller's 2019 campaign

Texans player of the game: Fuller highlights dominant offensive showing

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Will Fuller was dominate for the Texans against the Falcons on Sunday helping them with almost every scoring drive on the day.

He started the day with a strike from Deshaun Watson through a tight window for the Texans first score of the day.

The next time out Watson would again find his favorite target of the day.

On a Texans field goal drive Fuller had a 36 yard scamper to get into Falcons territory and got the team in position for the kick with a gain of eight yards on third and long.

Two of the next three drives would see Fuller get stuffed at the one yard line, nearly scoring both times. The Texans would put points on the board both times, once on the ground with Carlos Hyde and another through the air to Darren Fells.

The icing came as the Texans sought him out to close out the game. On third down just under the two-minute warning Fuller hauled in a 44-yard strike for a score galloping into the end zone.

Fuller would finish the day with a fantastic 14 catches fro 217 yards and three touchdowns. He tied the franchise record for receptions and touchdowns in a single game with his performance. It was the fifth highest single-game yard total in franchise history. It is the most yards in a game Fuller has had in either his college or NFL career. He had two games in college where he scored three touchdowns.

Fuller said these were the most yards he has had in one game since high school where his high total was 276 yards.

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It seems like every single day there is a new update on player testing positive for the Coronavirus. After a team outbreak on the Miami Marlins and new positive tests on the St. Louis Cardinals, it feels like the baseball season could be on the brink of being canceled by Rob Manfred if things do not get better fast.

ESPN MLB reporter and analyst Tim Kurkjian joined The Jake Asman Show on SportsMap Radio Monday to discuss this situation. Kurkjian presented a bleak outlook when asked if he thinks MLB will complete its season.

"I don't think we are going to make it through," Kurkjian said. "The game is in turmoil and it should be given what it is up against, a pandemic like we have never seen before. My guess is that if we have another outbreak like the Marlins or even like the Cardinals then that might be enough to say the schedule is too messed up, the integrity of the game is in question but most important the health and safety of all people around the game is in question, so that might be enough to say 'alright we aren't going to play' but that is a very difficult decision the commissioner does not want to make."

Multiple reports seem to indicate that several Marlins players went out to a bar and broke MLB's protocol as did a few of the Cardinals when they reportedly went to a casino on their road trip. Is it fair to blame the players if the season ends up getting canceled?

"I think the bottom line is when this started, we were asking a bunch of young guys in their early 20s to show discipline and restraint that maybe they haven't shown their whole life," Kurkjian said. "That was a challenge to begin with and obviously some mistakes have been made but to blame the players for this entirely I'm not sure that is fair either."

When asked about the recent altercation between Joe Kelly of the Dodgers and the Astros, Kurkjian said he wasn't surprised a player went after the Astros but knew that baseball was trying to send a message by suspending Kelly for eight games.

"Even though eight games was a harsh penalty, I think it was Major League Baseball saying 'we have to send a message,' Kurkjian said. "MLB is trying to social distance in the middle of a pandemic and the last thing they need is a brawl, a dustup of any kind. To me this was baseball through Joe Kelly telling everyone 'we're not putting up with this.'

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You can listen to the full interview with Tim Kurkjian below:


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