4 important factors that make Deshaun Watson the best option for QB hungry teams

We could see a lot of QBs on the move this off-season. Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images.

Quarterback is the most important position on the football field. You can look at any level, from youth leagues to the NFL, and you won't find a more critical position to winning. When an NFL team is in flux, it's typically because they don't have a quarterback, their quarterback makes too much money, or they don't have the proper protection and/or weapons around him. When you have one that's affordable, has weapons and protection, you keep him.

However, when your quarterback is not happy and wants out, you have a real problem. Especially if he has a no-trade clause. Several quarterbacks around the league have been rumored to be on the move this offseason. There are also multiple teams that are looking for quarterbacks. Whether there will be an even game of musical chairs, or some teams/quarterbacks will be left out, it'll get really interesting.

Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Kyler Murray are all under contract, but seem unhappy in their current situations. Of the three, Wilson seems to be the most likely to go, with A-Rod a close second. Kyler is so young, affordable, and has potential to get even better. Wilson has two years left on his contract. A-Rod has one year left on his. Murray has his fourth year, and a fifth-year option yet to be picked up. Trading for any one of them has some inherent risk because of their contract lengths. Not to mention, Rodgers is 38 and Wilson is 33. Age isn't as big a factor as it used to be, but as accomplished as each of them are, they may want to call it a career sooner rather than later. Murray is only 24, soon to be 25. But recent reports of his attitude problems and lack of professionalism, coupled with him not having the skins on the wall the others have, that could make him unattractive.

Enter Deshaun Watson. He's 26, soon to be 27. He has four years on his contract averaging $39 million per year. He was widely considered a top five to ten quarterback before his off-field transgressions cost him this past season. One less year of wear and tear on a guy who's still young, has an injury history, but also has massive potential is very intriguing. If not for his transgressions, he'd already be in a new uniform and the Texans could've had their franchise guy. The hope in his camp, as well as on Kirby, is that this will all get resolved in the not-so-distant future.

4 important factors that separate Deshaun Watson

Watson is the perfect blend of youth, accomplishment, potential, and years under contract. None of the other guys that might be available offer that unique set of circumstances. The court cases are a major hurdle, but if we're to believe the rumors/tea leaves, all that can be settled (literally and figuratively) once his cases are resolved and the league hands down their punishment. Trust me, I'm not making light of the situation. It is what it is, and we're at where we're at. If I'm a team in the market for a franchise quarterback, I'd have my people do a deep dive into Watson's situation to see exactly what we'd be buying into. Once/if I see we can make this work, I'm pulling the trigger. Trade compensation for these guys will be similar. What matters most is what I'm getting in return. Return on investment is the name of the game, and Watson is as surefire as they come.

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