Tilman Fertitta's unlikely comments about coaching situation begs 1 big question

Tilman Fertitta recently told Rockets beat writer Jonathon Feigen that D'Antoni's future was up to Daryl Morey. Fertitta has expressed regret about getting involved with coaching decisions in the past, and wants to leave D'Antoni's fate up to Daryl Morey. Most fans would prefer their team's owner to leave basketball decisions to their staff, as opposed to ownership stepping in.

Will Tilman Fertitta keep his word and stay out of basketball decisions, or will he continue to be involved behind the scenes when big decisions have to be made? The other important thing to consider is James Harden. It would be hard to believe that Daryl Morey would let D'Antoni walk if Harden wanted him to stay. Be sure to watch the video to find out more.

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