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Week 13 fantasy football rankings: Green means go

A.J. Green has a history of dominating the Steelers over his career. Cincinnati Bengals/Facebook

Below are my early 1/2 PPR fantasy rankings for Week 13. Most leagues are using points per reception these days, so take that into consideration when looking at the ranks. Six points are awarded for every receiving and rushing TD, and four points for every passing TD. If you are playing in a non-PPR league, pass-catching running backs lose a bit of value and so do possession receivers. Make sure you check the status of players that have been limited or out of practice. The rankings will be updated on Sunday morning.



1 T. Brady NE

2 C. Wentz PHI

3 D. Brees NO

4 P. Rivers LAC

5 K. Cousins WAS

6 C. Newton CAR

7 B. Roethlisberger PIT

8 R. Wilson SEA

9 J. Goff LAR

10 C. Keenum MIN

11 M. Ryan ATL

12 D. Carr OAK

13 T. Taylor BUF

14 J. McCown NYJ

15 M. Stafford DET



1 L. Bell PIT

2 T. Gurley LAR

3 J. Howard CHI

4 A. Kamara NO

5 M. Gordon LAC

6 L. Fournette JAX

7 L. McCoy BUF

8 C. McCaffrey CAR *Questionable

9 M. Ingram NO

10 C. Hyde SF

11 M. Lynch OAK

12 D. Lewis NE

13 J. Williams GB

14 S. Perine WAS

15 J. Mixon CIN

16 D. Freeman ATL

17 K. Hunt KC

18 L. Miller HOU

19 A. Collins BAL

20 D. Murray TEN

21 K. Drake MIA

22 J. McKinnon MIN

23 A. Morris DAL

24 R. Burkhead NE

25 L. Murray MIN

26 D. Johnson CLE

27 D. Henry TEN

28 D. Booker DEN

29 T. Coleman ATL

30 A. Peterson ARI *Questionable



1 A. Green CIN

2 D. Hopkins HOU

3 K. Allen LAC

4 A. Brown PIT  *Questionable

5 B. Cooks NE

6 M. Evans TB

7 A. Thielen MIN

8  J. Jones ATL

9 M. Thomas NO

10 D. Adams GB

11 J. Crowder WAS

12 D. Baldwin SEA

13 S. Diggs MIN

14 A. Jeffery PHI

15 J. Landry MIA

16 D. Funchess CAR

17 R. Anderson NYJ

18 M. Jones DET

19 C. Kupp LAR

20 G. Tate DET

21 L. Fitzgerald ARI

22 T. Hill KC

23 D. Thomas DEN

24 D. Bryant DAL

25 M. Lee JAX

26 S. Shepard NYG

27 J. Doctson WAS

28 E. Sanders DEN

29 T. Ginn NO

30 J. Nelson GB



1 R. Gronkowski NE

2 T. Kelce KC

3 Z. Ertz PHI

4 J. Graham SEA

5 H. Henry LAC

6 D. Walker TEN

7 J. Cook OAK

8 V. Davis WAS

9 J. Doyle IND

10 C. Clay BUF

11 K. Rudolph MIN

12 G. Olsen CAR *Questionable

13 A. Seferian-Jenkins NYJ

14 E. Engram NYG



1 Jaguars

2 Chargers

3 Ravens

4 Steelers

5 Eagles

6 Rams

7 Patriots

8 Vikings

9 Titans

10 Redskins

11 Broncos

12 Raiders

13 Bears

14 Packers

15 49ers



1 S. Gostkowski NE

2 J. Tucker BAL

3 G. Zuerlein LAR

4 W. Lutz NO

5 M. Bryant ATL

6 C. Boswell PIT

7 R. Succop TEN

8 G. Tavecchio OAK

9 J. Elliott PHI

10 M. Prater DET

11 J. Lambo JAC

12 K. Fairbairn HOU

13 N. Novak LAC

14 K. Forbath MIN

15 H. Butker KC

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Baseball is right around the corner. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images.

The Texans and Rockets are disasters, so bring on the Astros! Even if they weren't disasters, bring on the Astros! Their spring training opener is Sunday, their regular season opener one month from Monday. Alexander Pope wrote "hope springs eternal." I hear he played a pretty decent shortstop. All 30 Major League Baseball teams can be hopeful in March. The Astros have plenty to be hopeful about and plenty about which to be wary. A couple of early storylines: 1. Yuli Gurriel admitted he was unacceptably overweight last season. It would be great for the Astros if that explains most of Gurriel's pathetic performance as opposed to age catching up with him. 2. Jose Altuve is in great spirits and health. His MVP level days of 2016 and 2017 are likely gone for good, but getting the Altuve of 2018 or 2019 would be a tremendous boost. The Altuve of 2020 was one of the worst players in MLB.

And now to the dueling debacles…

Rough stretch for the Rockets

The Rockets are awful. They sit with 11 wins and 19 losses. Just three seasons ago they lost 17 games the entire season. They are routinely non-competitive. They lug a nine game losing streak to the court Friday night in Tampa against the Toronto Raptors. Among the losses are blowouts by 20, 22, 25, and 29 points. All of those routs came against teams with losing records. By NBA standards the Rockets' roster stinks. The injured Christian Wood is the only player they have who is or projects to be an average or better starter. John Wall's contract is an anvil.

That they are this bad is actually one of the few silver linings to the Rockets' near term future. The Rockets only retain their first round pick this summer if it falls in the top four of the draft. The Rockets currently have the fourth worst record in the NBA, just one half game ahead of third worst! Where the pick falls comes down to which draft lottery ping pong ball combination is drawn, but the worse their record the better shot the Rockets have of being in the top four. If not in the top four, the Rockets settle for the lowest of their own, Oklahoma City's, or Miami's first rounder. That's probably the Heat pick, and probably not in the top 15.

The longest losing streak in Rockets' franchise history is 17. During their expansion season the San Diego Rockets lost 17 straight. The longest losing streak in Houston Rockets' history is 15 games during the 2001-02 season. They finished the season 28-54. How many of their five most frequent 2001-02 starters can you name? Answer below.

The worst team in Rockets' history was the tanking and awful 1982-83 club that finished 14-68. Longest losing streak that season? 10. The first 10 games of the season.

Releasing JJ Watt might have been a mistake

The Texans are poised to add yet another feather to their dunce cap if J.J. Watt signs with the Packers, Bills, Titans, Roughnecks, Inmates (The Longest Yard) or anybody else for 15-plus million dollars per season. Such a deal would indicate at least one team would have been willing to give up a decent draft pick (say a third rounder) for Watt and the one year 17.5 million that was left on his contract. If the Texans think they score points for doing Watt "a solid" in setting him free they are absurdly mistaken. The Texans need all the draft capital they can get. J.J. Watt will always have a hallowed place in Texans' lore but they owed Watt nothing. Over the last five seasons he played just three seasons worth of football and was paid 82.5 million dollars for them.

More Deshaun Watson drama

Meanwhile, Deshaun Watson reportedly directly told new Texans Head Coach Edward Smith that Watson has no interest in playing for him. It's nothing personal against David Culley (Edward Smith captained the Titanic) but Watson wants the Texans' organization permanently in his rearview mirror. We'll see if Cal McNair and new General Manager Nick Caserio have the stomach to not trade Watson through the draft. If the Dolphins offer Tua Tagavailoa, the third and eighteenth picks in the first round, the fourth pick in the second round, and their first round pick in 2022, the Texans should make the trade and move on.

Buzzer Beaters:

1. Rockets' starters by most starts in 2001-02: Cuttino Mobley (74) Kelvin Cato (73) Kenny Thomas (71) Steve Francis (56) Moochie Norris (26).

2. It can't soothe Rocket fan nerves that the best bet for the Eastern Conference Final matchup is James Harden's Nets vs. Daryl Morey's 76ers.

3. Most frustrating 2021 Houston-visiting player appearances: Bronze-Harden the Net Wednesday Silver-George Springer the Blue Jay in May Gold-Watt the Titan this fall? Would he really sign with the Titans?

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