Joel Blank

Who is the weakest link on the Belichick coaching tree?

Belichick seems to have the Texans' number. Composite photo by Brandon Strange

Bill O'Brien is 0-5 against the Patriots as the coach of the Houston Texans. Joel Blank shares his thoughts on why O'Brien seems to have so much trouble facing Belichick head-to-head, and questions why other Belichick coaching disciples have enjoyed a lot more success against New England.

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Should Houston Texans fans be concerned about Nick Caserio's latest comments about Derek Stingley Jr potentially not being ready for the start of training camp this summer? The Texans surprised many fans and media when they selected a player with an injury history (Stingley) over a healthy corner many believed was the best in the draft, Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner. If Stingley's history of injuries becomes a problem for Houston, Caserio will deserve all the blame for taking such a big risk at No. 3 overall.

ESPN Houston's Jake Asman, Cody Stoots, and Brad Kellner discuss on The Wheelhouse.

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