Why the Texans may not have seen the last of Andrew Luck

A lot has happened over the last few days for the Houston Texans.

Lamar Miller is out for the year, the Cowboys crushed the Texans 34-0, and Andrew Luck announced his retirement.

ESPN 97.5's Charlie Pallilo shares his thoughts on what all this means for the Texans, and why Andrew Luck may not stay retired.

Photo by Getty Images

Week 12 is upon us which means we are in the homestretch for fantasy playoff positioning. If you still have something to play for you will want to pay attention to the weather this week as all but two games will be played outdoors this weekend. Weather will be active in the Northeast on Sunday and could impact over half of the games being played with rain and some snow possible in a number of locations.

The map will give you a general idea of which games could see impacts, however you will definitely want to check back in with me Sunday morning (@stephenuzick on Twitter) to get the latest forecast updates.