Barry Warner: One last look at the 2018 NFL Draft

Justin Reid was a terrific pick for the Texans. Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The first draft of Texan GM Brian Gaine was done without first-or second round picks.  Many teams had Stanford safety Justin Reid as a late first selection. With the first of his three third round picks, Gaine wasted no time in getting a starter.  Reid has also played corner for coach David Shaw. With his impressive length and fluid hips, Reid will start when the season opener. Defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel has the Honey Badger and the second highest rated safety in the draft.

Like baseball, you must be strong up the middle. Past safeties were poor in coverage, with some taking the worst angle,  constantly giving up both yards and touchdowns.

 “The more you watch Justin Reid,” Stanford head coach David Shaw said, “you put him in the category with the top guys in this draft at his position. You see speed, you see athleticism, you see versatility, you see tackling in space, you see good coverage.

“What’s so good is this guy is a tireless worker. He loves the game of football. This guy’s going to wear out the (defensive backs) coach because he’s going to watch film on his own.”

As they announced the next pick, the Texans took Martinas Rankin from Mississippi State. He is a guard or center, not the desperately needed left tackle. The move gives them depth at guard for the next few seasons. This season he’ll be a backup right tackle, behind free agent Seantrel Henderson, who has been suspended a few times for smoking weed.

I would have taken Ian Thomas, a tight end from Indiana with the next pick, instead of Jordan Atkins from UCF.  The former minor league baseball player excels after the catch, but is only an average blocker and will replace Stephen Anderson

The Texans got a steal in round four with Texas Tech speedster Keke Coutee, a slot receiver and return specialist.

Say goodbye to Braxton Miller from Ohio State, a failed experiment drafted three years ago.  Unless he studied both tape and the playbook and learns pass routes he will get waived.

Sixth round pick Duke Ejiofor, defensive end from Wake Forest, would have gone higher.  But he is recovering from labrum surgery and should be ready for camp. He’s a local kid, from Alief High School and will probably be a practice squad candidate.

With the second sixth round pick they drafted another Mississippi State player, tight end Mark Thomas. At 6-5, 250 he played outside receiver, but will need to put on weight as a blocker and move inside. Here is the report from one NFL GM texted to me after the pick: ‘Monster size, but can he become a legit blocker?  Has very limited football IQ. Talented but would only bring in as a free agent.”

I really thought this was a dumb, wasted pick, when a kid from Wagner College, Greg Senatt was still there. He’s 6-8, 290 and only played two seasons after quitting the basketball team.

The last sixth round selection, Peter Kalanbi, is another Stanford product.  The edge rusher is 6-3, 252 and has underperformed in college.

The seventh-round pick, Jermaine Kelly, a defensive bank from San Jose State, was the best player on a terrible team.

The Texans did sign three street free agents as potential left tackles.

Jaryd-Jones Smith, a 6-6, 320-pounder from Pitt, Anthony Coyle, 6-6-305 from Fordham and Karl Malone Jr from LSU, an underclassman.  For those of you from the millennium generation, look up his dad Karl Malone, which will be most interesting.

Jets get their man

“Sucking for Sam” paid off for Jets fans, hoping USC quarterback Sam Darnold ends the fifty years of franchise history.  Since the legendary Joe Namath led them to the Super Bowl upset over Don Shula’s Colts, the Jets have never had a top tier quarterback.

I had Darnold graded as the top QB, followed by Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen and the kid I think will be a star, Lamar Jackson.

Vince blows it

Former UT star Vince Young, a bust as a pro, announced the Titans first round pick. Instead of pronouncing the name Harold Landry, linebacker from Boston College VY called him Honor.

That must make all of his professors at Texas feel so proud.

Bad look

Perhaps the biggest moment on Thursday night was watching the Steelers’ Ryan Shazier walking across the stage with his fiancée to announce Pittsburgh’s first pick.  Upon reflecting a few days later on the emotional scene, the cynic in me could not help but shake my head.

It’s mindboggling that just five months after Shazier hurt his spine making a routine tackle the NFL is using  his horrific injury to sell the unifying power of football. Take into consideration how long the NFL and the Steelers refused to address whether he’d be able to walk again.

Many parents in our nation are at crossroads when it comes to allowing their sons to play football.  Ryan Shazier is the strongest argument against football, and the NFL used him to sell the future of the sport.   I don’t give a damn about the rule change on a rule on hitting with the crown of the helmet in the wake of the former Ohio State star’s injury.  the linebacker went to make a normal tackle, and he left on a stretcher. There will be more injuries like Shazier’s.

Someone picked over the weekend will have their career cut short by head or neck or spinal injuries.

That in itself is one of the major hurdles the once pristine NFL must deal with.

By the numbers

In an effort to suck in gamblers, Las Vegas wasted no time in publishing their first bet on number of wins each franchise would have in 2018.

The wise guys had the Texans winning 9.

Put me down for the under.



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The Houston Texans approach to the offseason has caused quite a bit of controversy among Texans fans and media. Some really like what the team is doing in free agency, while others are underwhelmed.

But the argument that keeps getting thrown around is whether the Texans are ready to win this season, or if the team will have to suffer through another disappointing season. Most would agree the Texans roster has a number of holes, but how will that roster look after the NFL Draft and hopefully a new franchise QB is taking snaps for the team?

The great thing about the NFL is how fast teams can turn things around and start winning. When we looked at the teams coming off a bad season and drafting around the Texans in 2021, many of them showed a huge improvement the following season.

The Lions were 3-13-1 in 2021, last year? 9-8. The Jaguars went 3-14 in 2021. Last year they won the AFC South and notched a playoff win over the Chargers. Look at the New York Giants, they went 4-13 in 2021. They improved to 9-7-1 and also won a playoff game just one year later. And don't get us started on the Jets. They went 4-13 in 2021, improved to 7-10 with bad QB play, and now Aaron Rodgers wants to play there.

The point being, most of these teams hired new coaches in the last couple of years, added some talent through the draft and free agency and started winning. Why are Texans fans and media so convinced they're in for another season of losing? Why can't the Texans be the team that turns things around and competes for a division title? Especially if they land a franchise QB as expected.

The AFC South isn't a very tough division. In fact, the Texans beat the Jags, Colts, and Titans just this year. Shouldn't we expect them to take a step forward with better players and DeMeco Ryans leading the way?

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