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After coming off a sad few days last article and our first losing NFL weekend, we bounced back in prime fashion.

The game gives and takes, this time we were on the receiving side of the fortune, and we hope to continue the trend heading into the weekend. Let's eat! Good luck.

Last article plays

Blazers vs. Lakers
Over 226.6    1U +1
Spain/Croatia  BTTS 3U +3
TNF   6:46 CST
Ohio TT O 40.5 Live +5
Ohio TT over 13.5 second half +5
Lakers' Blazers under 101.5 +2

GB/Sea Over 49 5U MAX  +5
Seattle TT over 26 5U MAX   +5
Seattle TT first half over 13.5 2U   +2
J.Graham pass receptions over 3½ 2U   -2.6
scores TD 1U +170  -1
Wilson over 225.5 Passing yards 5U  -5.5
Durant Over 30 points 5U MAX  -5.5
Seattle 2nd half TT over 13.5 -120  5U MAX -5.5
3rd Q over 9.5  5U MAX -5.5
Seattle ml 2nd half -122   ( so +4 for game) 2U +5


The last article read +209.7U        209.7+ 7.4= 217.1

Let's have a weekend, the chase for 300 is on!

New plays

Jazz vs 76ers
76ers -3    1U


International Friendly 

Brazil vs Uruguay Over 2.5 5U MAX


Minnesota ML 3U

Maryland +14 3U

Live Under 17.5 Neb first half 5U

Under 60.5 2U

Syracuse +10.5 5U MAX




Wast St -10  5U MAx



Ravens/Bengals 2nd half under 20.5 2U


1:35 CST

Colts TT 2nd half over 10.5 2U


Pitt/Jax Under 21.5 2nd half 2U



Michael Thomas scored TD -140   5U MAX

Kamara scores a receiving TD  1U


 David Johnson pass receptions over 3½ 5U MAX


L.Fitzgerald pass receptions over 4½  5U MAX




Saints 3rd Q ML  5U



8:45 CST

Vikings 2nd Half ML 5U



Germany   ML  3U



Northern Illinois -6 (buy the hook if need be ) -117 



Zona TT over 83.5 game   2U







For any questions or comments reach me @JerryBoKnowz Twitter.

Be sure to check out my show MoneyLine with Josh Jordan on ESPN 97.5. We’re on every Sunday from 10-noon, and we’ll talk a lot of fantasy football and NFL gambling. Also, be sure to follow us @Moneyline975 on Twitter.


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