Breaking Barriers

A coaching barrier was broken at the Spring Ice Breaker

Ralph Barreras, Sam Houston coach Vype

A unique relationship was put on display at the Spring Ice Breaker tournament.

It was the relationship between Ralph Barreras and Emmanuel White.

Barreras is the basketball coach at Sam Houston High School and White is the basketball coach for Rashard Lewis’ RL9 Elite AAU team.

What brought the two coaches in contact with one another was sophomore twin brothers Garrick Baines and Jerrick Baines.

Barreras coaches the twins at Sam Houston and now they’re under the coaching and mentorship of White during this AAU season.

“The twins were a blessing to us,” White said. “They researched and found us and said they wanted to play with us.”

The twins research had a lot to do with the help of their high school coach, which is how Barreras and White came in contact with each other.

White whose been coaching the RL9 Elite for nine years said he “never” had a high school coach reach out to him before Barreras.

High school coaches aren’t known for having a hand on what AAU team their kids play for, but bridging the gap between high school and AAU coaches is what Barreras felt needed to be done to help his players develop during the summer.

Barreras showed up to the RL9 Elite game to watch Garrick and Jerrick play, and after the game you saw Barreras dapping up White and talking about the twins play.

“I just want what’s best for my kids,” Barreras said about reaching out to the RL9 Elite. “That’s what it’s all about for me.

“If high school and AAU coaches can come together for the players benefit, that’s what it’s all about,” White said.  “I want no money from the guys I just want to see them be good young men off the court and help us.”


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