It may not be pretty, but this was always part of the plan for Houston Texans

It may not be pretty, but this was always part of the plan for Houston Texans
Texans fans had to expect some growing pains early on. Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images.

The Texans are currently winless on the 2022 season after their first two games. Being 0-1-1 isn't the worst result, but it isn't ideal. Not by a long shot. What compounds the problem is the fact that they were up 20-3 vs the Colts, and literally threw away opportunities against the Broncos. This team could easily be 2-0, or 0-2.

Some saw the 2022 season turning out differently. There was a group that saw this season as a chance to take a big step forward and possibly contend for one of the last playoff spots. Another section saw this as a second rebuild year and want to angle for high draft picks. Most were in between. Those people thought the team would be better than their four wins last year, but not anywhere near the playoff picture. 6-11 or 7-10 or somewhere in that range. Overall, the majority of folks thought improvement was on the horizon, with contending status in the near future.

Those folks are still correct despite the early results. Davis Mills seems more and more like he's not the answer at franchise quarterback. He has 15 games left in this season to prove he's worthy of a role moving forward. If he doesn't make it through the next 15 games as the starter, he's on the outs. If he makes it through, he will have proven himself worthy of at least a backup role. Perhaps he shows enough for the Texans to possibly get a late round pick from another team who may want to bring him in as a backup.

Nico Collins is going to be good. He's been working with Texans legend Andre Johnson on adding to his game. His size gives him a natural advantage. Working on those ball skills in order to win contested catches was a Johnson specialty. Collins has shown he wants to be better and is taking the steps necessary to achieve that goal.

Dameon Pierce should be RB1 for the next four to five years. However long he's healthy and remains productive, he should sit atop the depth chart. The only way I see that changing is if they find another back to add depth that outshines Pierce's already bright future. I can't wait to see him be more involved in the game plan from week to week. He had his career high in touches against the Broncos. He hasn't had that many touches since high school.

The defense has some gems as well. Derek Stingley Jr. and Jalen Pitre are going to be staples of the secondary. Stingley Jr. has had a rough go of it so far. He's got the talent and athleticism, but has to put it all together. Pitre has shown flashes of playmaking ability. He's also been out of place and messed up a bit. Once he learns the game, I feel sorry for the rest of the league. These two will be special. Throw in pass rusher Jonathan Greenard, and the makings for a solid defense are in place.

Finding guys in mid to late rounds is where teams traditionally build depth. With the Texans, they're building a foundation with those guys. Once you have a solid foundation, the frame can go up. Once that's done, you know the rest. General manager Nick Caserio has been very strategic at how he's choosing to build this team into a winner. With nine picks in the first three rounds in the next two drafts, a good cap situation, and a solidified corporate structure, I expect this team to start winning soon. This season isn't a waste. They're growing. It's like watching your kid learn to walk. They tumble and fall, but they get back up. Next thing you know, they're running everywhere they go, and you can barely catch them. Here's to the Texans running everywhere they go, especially to the playoffs.

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