Florio shines light on Houston Texans reaching agreement with 30 of Deshaun Watson's accusers

This week, Mike Florio shares his thoughts on the Houston Texans decision to settle with 30 of Deshaun Watson's accusers. Florio discusses the Texans decision from a legal perspective and explains why they would agree to write 30 checks when they had no knowledge of what was going on during Watson's massage sessions.

At the end of the day, Mike believes the actions of the Texans' head of security is the main reason Houston reached agreement with Watson's accusers. According to Watson under oath, the head of security gave him NDAs to use for his massage sessions, but did not tell the organization about his conversation with Watson. Apparently, the NDAs from Texans security were enough for the organization to not want to risk going to court.

Now the Texans can put this whole thing behind them and move on. Something Watson should have considered from the beginning.

Check out the video to learn more.

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