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Memo to baseball: We don't need your BS right now

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Major League Baseball's Players Association leaked its proposal to the owners on Sunday. It is part of an ongoing negotiation to try to bring the sport back in some form.

In these worst of times, we see good people rise and bad people show their colors. Major League Baseball's owners, players and agents have revealed themselves to be the latter. And it should come as no surprise; greed on both sides has been an embarrassment for years.

But with our country reeling from Rona fears, the self-destruction of our own economy and now the horrid actions of a police officer in Minnesota, you can always take comfort in baseball being tone-deaf and making news for all the wrong reasons.

It is easy to point fingers at the players and their agents, because those are the people we identify as the sport itself. But the owners are just as culpable, if not more so. Some owners do not even want to play the season, because they will lose less money than if they actually do play.

Instead of quietly working things out, both side throw public volleys, making noise for their ridiculous greed while our country faces perhaps its greatest challenge of most of our lifetimes. U.S. jobless claims have topped $40 million, and that's just those who filed for unemployment. The number of others not eligible or fortunate enough to have money don't count in that. This in a population of 382 million. It's going to get worse.

And while it does, baseball publicly fights over its billions, throwing it all in America's face.

There is a great line in Bronx Tale that sums it up perfectly.

"Mickey Mantle? That's what you're upset about? Mantle makes $100,000 a year. How much does your father make? If your dad ever can't pay the rent and needs money, go ask Mickey Mantle. See what happens. Mickey Mantle don't care about you. Why should you care about him?"

It's time to stop caring about these idiots and helping them line their pockets. We learned nothing from the 1994 strike, when they basically told us the World Series meant zero. To quote Casino, "always the dollars. Always the dollars."

Contrast that with the MLS, which quietly worked out a viable plan, and the NBA, which has been working together to get things done without constantly leaking things to the media. Even hockey, with the worst commissioner in sports, appears close to an arrangement. There might have been discord within, but you damned sure didn't hear much about it. They get it. People are suffering; we don't want to hear about your internal squabbles right now. We have much bigger problems. People want their lives back. They want leagues to get back to games in whatever form they can and provide some distraction. The leaders of these other leagues understand the world is not what it was.

They just want to play.

Baseball? The same entitled greedy bastards on both sides they have always been. Yes, there are some good people doing good things, but that's not what we are seeing. It's hard to blame desperate baseball journalists for running with stories like this, because their livelihoods are at stake as well. But baseball's leadership should know better. Leaking a proposal on a weekend when the country is in complete turmoil with protests and riots is beyond arrogant.

In the post-Rona world, some teams will not survive. In fact, some sports may not make it, either. Let's see how critical their tone-deaf financial squabbles become when that day comes. Memo to you, baseball: Shut up. Keep your negotiations internal, so the world doesn't see your greed. Get something done and let us know when you are ready to come back for us to worship at your altar. Until then?

We will tweak that quote from Sonny in Bronx Tale.

"Baseball don't care about you. Why should you care about it?"

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