NFL Week 12

NFL Week 12: Good, bad & ugly

NFL Week 12: Good, bad & ugly

The playoff picture is getting clearer in the NFL. However, the MVP race is now over. Week 12 in the NFL was another one all over the map. Here's some of my observations:

The Good

-Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson should be given the MVP award now. Against the Rams on Monday Night Football, he went 15/20 for 169 yards and five touchdown passes. He also added 95 rushing yards on eight carries. One of those runs should've been a touchdown had he not tripped. He's part of the reason my column this week is about putting to bed sports stereotypes.

-We all love when we see the big guys from defense on offense. Usually it's a run play and he's going to be a human plow either running the ball or clearing a path for a runner. Tampa lined up Vita Vea, it's 3457lb defensive tackle, at fullback. After a play action by Jameis Winston, he threw a one yard touchdown pass to the big fella who was wide open (pun intended). Name something more fun in football, outside the celebrations, than seeing a big fat guy catch a touchdown pass. You can't!

-I can't say enough about Frank Gore. The guy overcame a learning disability, two ACL injuries in college within an 18-month span, and often questioning whether or not he should keep playing, by himself and others. The Buffalo Bills running back is now the third all-time leading rusher in NFL history with 15,289 after passing Barry Sanders, and is fourth on the yards from scrimmage list with 19,154 after passing Marshall Faulk. The 15 year vet is a testament to hard work, never giving up, and believing in yourself. We're all privileged to have seen his story play out.

The Bad

-Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz threw one of the worst passes I've seen this year. On 3rd&9 from the Seahawk 10 yard line, running back Miles Sanders was wide open but Wentz threw the ball about five yards in front of him and way over his head. Wentz was closer to throwing a pick six to the Seahawk defensive back on that side of the field. They settled for a field goal on the next play and went on to lose at home 17-9.

-The Packers were thoroughly beaten in their 37-8 loss to the 49ers. Much has been made of the relationship between Aaron Rodgers and head coach Matt LeFleur. They managed to put a lot of it to bed with a 8-2 start. They're now 8-3 after this loss in which they averaged a putrid 2.8 yards per play. The only thing worse than that is the fact that they now have -11 punt return yards...ON THE ENTIRE SEASON!

-The Raiders' nice run was abruptly halted with a 34-3 drubbing at the hands of the hapless Jets. Thing got so bad, Jon Gruden pulled Derek Carr and inserted Mike Glennon. Glennon returned the favor by fumbling twice in his first three snaps! Backups are put in these situations to help save the starters from getting hurt in a game that's out of control. They aren't expected to lead a comeback, but they aren't expected to make things worse either.

The Ugly

-On a key 3rd&1 while down 13-9 to the Patriots, the Cowboys' offensive lineman Travis Frederick was called for a tripping penalty. They went from converting a crucial 3rd down, to a 3rd&11 that eventually turned into a turnover on downs when they couldn't convert. The call itself was absurd and was only outshadowed by the league coming out and saying the call shouldn't have been called. This literally could've cost a team a shot at the playoffs all things considered.

-Speaking of officiating, am I the only one who thinks CBS rules analyst Gene Steratore slurps the refs a bit too much instead of calling things the way he sees them? I almost hate watching games on CBS because he will defend the most egregious calls and/or explain why it's the "right" call. He has to realize he isn't a ref anymore so defending their stupidity isn't necessary. Call it straight jackass!

-Eagles right guard Brandon Brooks left the game due to an illness related to anxiety. People often like to make fun of others suffering from things they know nothing about. As someone who suffers from anxiety, it's no joke. While mine isn't nearly as bad as others, it still can cause issues. Kudos to him for being so forthcoming about his illness and why he left the game. Talking about it and being honest is the only way to get the word out and start to kill the stigmas associated with it.

Half of the 14 games played were decided by one score. In the AFC, the Patriots and Ravens are ahead of the pack, while only one gae seperates teams in the final wildcard spot from 10th place. In the NFC, there are five teams with three or less losses. The Cowboys (the current NFC East division leader) are the only team in the playoffs with more than three losses and Jerry Jones has already put the word out that he's disappointed in his coaching staff. The Buffalo Bills are 8-3 and firmly in control of their destiny as the lead wildcard team in the AFC. Who would've thought that would be possible outside Bills fans? The Steelers are in the final wildcard spot in the AFC after losing Ben Roethlisberger and trading their first round pick for Minkah Fitzpatrick. These last few weeks will have some meaning because nobody is running away with homefield advantage in either conference and teams are fighting to either make the playoffs, or save their asses.

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Baker Mayfield over CJ Stroud? Composite Getty Image.

The last two weeks have been a coming out party for the Houston Texans and their startling rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud.

First they went into Indianapolis and defeated the Colts, 23-19, in a do-or-die game with the post-season at stake. The Texans victory flipped the switch from earlier in the season when the Colts came to Houston and beat the Texans 31-20. This time, Stroud, growing stronger and more confident by the week, went 20-26 for 264 yards and two touchdowns and the Texans were suddenly, improbably, logic defyingly in the playoffs.

Last week in the wild card round, the Cleveland Browns entered the game a solid 3-point road favorite only to get demolished, 45-14 by Stroud and the Texans in a final score that really wasn’t that close. Again the Texans exacted revenge for an earlier loss against the Browns. Stroud merely went 16-21 for 274 yards and three touchdowns in a hospital-grade surgical performance.

Still it seems that some football analysts didn’t get their invitation to the Texans party. Doubters may say, sure Stroud is putting up numbers, but look who he’s been up against? Colts quarterback Gardner Minshew was a barely average journeyman, a stop gap at best. Browns quarterback Joe Flacco was a croaky quarterback whose dream bubble was going to burst at some point.

Maybe this is why ESPN football analyst Dan Orlovsky doesn’t have Stroud on his Top Five List of Scariest Quarterbacks Remaining.

1. Lamar Jackson

2. Josh Allen

3. Patrick Mahomes

4. Baker Mayfield

5. Jordan Love

Remember, there are only eight teams left in the Super Bowl running. Stroud doesn’t crack Orlovsky’s Top 5?

Here are the Vegas odds to win the Super Bowl.

1. San Francisco 49ers.

2. Baltimore Ravens.

3. Buffalo Bills

4. Kansas City Chiefs

5. Detroit Lions

6. Green Bay Packers

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8. Houston Texans.

Again, only eight teams are left in the Super Bowl hunt.

What will the doubters say if the Texans go into M&T Bank Stadium on Saturday and leave with a win to reach the AFC Conference Championship game? That would be unchartered waters for the Texans.

And what if Stroud outplays Jackson, who appears a lock to win his second MVP? Jackson isn’t a seat filler or creaky veteran living on a prayer. Jackson is a historically great quarterback in the full bloom of his prime.

The Texans are 9.5-point underdogs against Baltimore, the longest odds on the board. I get it, it would be a shocker if the Texans win and Stroud puts up his typically, ridiculously efficient numbers against the Ravens defense.

I’m not betting against them.

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