Pro Football Focus on the Texans Week 3

Tyrann Mathieu did not grade out well in Week 2. Zach Tarrant, Houston Texans team Web site

Pro Football Focus grades each individual player's performance and assigns them a grade. All 32 teams use Pro Football Focus. 

Each week we will take a look at some of the good and bad from the Texans and a look at the upcoming opponent as well. They also do great fantasy analysis and draft coverage as well. You can join Pro Football Focus here .

J.J. Watt - 87.7 Run Defense

He's back and almost as good as he once was. Watt was regularly a Pro Football Focus darling years ago and popping a big number like this is good to see. Yes, the Titans had backup tackles playing but they also had their starting interior intact. Despite not having a huge day rushing the passer the rushers felt the impact of Watt's huge day on them. Watt is currently a top-five edge defender according to the PFF grades.

Duke Ejiofor - 80.9 Pass Rush

The rookie outside linebacker flashed the skills he showed in the preseason for his first career sack. A swim move on the Titans backup left tackle freed the former Alief Taylor standout to grab Blaine Gabbert with one hand and corral him for a big loss. He also earned another hurry in his limited action (15 total snaps).

Tyrann Mathieu - 58.9 Pass Coverage

The graders were not kind to week one's standout safety. Though he wasn't targeted directly multiple times the eyes at Pro Football Focus didn't like his game. He also earned a poor tackling grade, 29.2, missing on a tackle that allowed a touchdown. 

Deshaun Watson - 64.1 Passing Under Pressure

This may not seem like a great number but Watson was actually much better against pressure this week than he was against the Patriots. He was almost 20 points better and tossed for 124 more yards and seven yards better on average per throw. It showed too. Watson trusted the Texans offensive line a little bit more than he did the previous week. He wasn't afraid to make a tough play and actually ended up with more first downs when he was under pressure than when he wasn't pressured. 

Trevor Daniel - 58.5 Punting Grade (Season)

Daniel has only had two punts returned for two yards but his net yards are only a hair above 37 yards. He ranks in the lower third in most of the punting categories. With a Texans team living in the margins this season, Daniel has to improve. For reference, Shane Lechler had a season-long grade of 73.8 in 2017. 

Eli Manning - 47.1 Passing Under Pressure

Manning has been a disaster under pressure this season. Only Deshaun Watson and Tyrod Taylor have been pressured as much as Manning this season. When he drops back and is pressured Manning is sacked over 25 percent of the time, compared to just 18 percent for Watson. Unlike Watson, Manning lacks the escapability to avoid even the most basic of pressure. This bodes very well for J.J. Watt and the other edge rushers as Romeo Crennel may not have to bring much pressure to get to Manning. 

As always, you can join Pro Football Focus here.  

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