Despite a penalty that infuriated most, Clowney had a good day

Pro Football Focus: Watson, line struggle while Clowney shines

Deshaun Watson had an up and down day. Tim Warner/Getty Images

Pro Football Focus grades each individual player's performance and assigns them a grade. All 32 teams use Pro Football Focus.

Each week we will take a look at some of the key grades as well as some from the Texans upcoming opponent. They also do great fantasy analysis and draft coverage as well. Stats are for the previous game unless otherwise noted. You can join Pro Football Focus here.

Jadeveon Clowney - 77.6 Defense Grade

Clowney had one of his strongest graded games although the box score isn't going to be lit up by this. It was nearly a top grade in almost every category highlighted by an 87.0 run defense grade. He is absolutely a terror in slowing down rushing attacks. He had plenty of near misses that likely ended up as a positive play but could have been much more. If he hits on half those plays the Colts likely lose to the Texans.

Senio Kelemete - 60.0 Pass Blocking Grade

He allowed a sack, two hurries, and three pressures as the Colts were a terror to Deshaun Watson all day. It is the first time in a long time he dipped below average in the category. The plan and execution of the Colts definitely played a role in his dip. He has to play better as he is the entrenched starter there.

Deshaun Watson - 58.7 Offense Grade

His worst grade in a while. He was charged with creating quite a bit of the pressure on himself and PFF credited him with two of the sacks. He has to get rid of the ball faster and trust his reads. Watson, who usually has some success against blitzes, was terrible against pressure in the Colts game. He has to make a few more plays when the pressure is there and it won't go away. The Texans have an offensive line that is suddenly struggling again.

Sam Darnold 75.7 - Passing Grade

The rookie had it going in his return from injury. He wasn't asked to do a ton but played an efficient game against a nice Buffalo defense. He hit a huge portion of his yards deep down the right side showing he isn't afraid to take chances. The team kept him upright too. Darnold might have a decent game if the Texans secondary doesn't respect what he is capable of accomplishing.

As always, you can join Pro Football Focus here.

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Correa could be on his way out. Composite image by Jack Brame.

It has not been the best of times to be a star athlete in Houston. In the last year, Jadeveon Clowney and DeAndre Hopkins were solid off for a warm bucket of spit. George Springer won't be back. James Harden and Russell Westbrook rumors are rampant. J.J. Watt might be moving on as well.

Now, reports are the Astros are listening to offers for Carlos Correa.

Predictably, Astros fans are livid. And if it's true, they should be concerned about the bigger picture.

Trading Correa makes sense - if you have no plans on keeping him after next season, as was clearly the case with Springer. If the Astros can get a haul and replenish the farm system, it would be the right move, especially considering Correa's injury history.

But in the long run, it does not bode well for the direction of the team. All recent indications are that the Astros are going cheap.

They would still be a competitive team without Correa, but it would be yet another indication their World Series window has closed. Alex Bregman could slide over to shortstop, but who would play third? And they only have one starting outfielder on the roster as it is. Putting together a competitive lineup around Bregman, Jose Altuve, Kyle Tucker, Yuli Gurriel and Yordan Alvarez would still be possible, but if the Astros aren't going to spend money, that could be problematic.

The writing was probably on the wall when the team hired James Click as GM from the notoriously frugal Tampa Bay organization. The good news is the Rays have been successful. But this is a new direction for a team that was not afraid to spend big money to make runs at the World Series.

If they lose Correa, they lose a team leader, one of the few players who embraced the villain role in the wake of the cheating controversy and was not afraid to speak out. But he has never lived up to his MVP potential, has battled injuries and will command big dollars on the open market. He is still young enough to become that kind of player, and someone will gamble big money that he will.

Sadly, if this rumor is true, it won't be the Astros.

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