The former Watson teammate was giddy about a potential reunion

Watson, Renfrow reunion would be "great"

Hunter Renfrow of Clemson. Getty Images.

Three years ago Deshaun Watson and Hunter Renfrow connected for the game-winning score to win the Clemson Tigers the national championship.

Could they recreate their Clemson connection in the pros?

Renfrow spoke at the NFL Scouting Combine Friday and said he had met with Texans offensive coordinator Tim Kelly. He also mentioned the meeting was very unique compared to the other meetings he's had with teams.

The Texans meeting centered around his relationship with Deshaun while Renfrow mentioned other meetings are more about getting to know him and his style the Texans got down to business talking about he and Watson's history and potential future.

The NFL is no stranger to Clemson pass catchers. Renfrow detailed the success the school has had producing NFL players at his position.

Being a short, white, skilled wide receiver people naturally assume the New England Patriots will be interested. How does Renfrow feel about that connection being drawn?

"They win," he said. "I'll go wherever they pay me to go. The Patriots would be cool, playing with a guy like Tom Brady. That would be incredible, to play with one of the greatest to ever play the game would be special."

But what about reuniting with the quarterback you won a national title with?

"That'd be great," Renfrow exclaimed about possibly playing with Watson again.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney joked with his departing slot pass catcher. Renfrow said his former head coach explained he might end up with a downgrade at quarterback despite being the NFL having played with talented throwers like Watson and current Clemson star Trevor Lawrence.

Well, Swinney might be right. Unless, of course, Watson to Renfrow happens in red, white, and blue like it did in orange and purple.

Cody's Take

The skill set Renfrow brings to the table replicates quite a bit what last year's selection in the fourth round, Keke Coutee, brings to the table. They are both slot wideouts though Coutee is set to be the more dynamic athlete (Renfrow only benched at the combine putting up seven reps).

But, why not make this work? Coutee was hurt in his only NFL action, but played great for a rookie when he was in there. Renfrow has a track record of durability coming from college. He has tape that matters despite concerns about his athletcism and the ability to withstand hits at the NFL level.

Imagine having Coutee and Renfrow in the slots and Hopkins on the outside with say, tight end Jordan Thomas. You stop speed or you stop size. You can't stop both.

It feels like a bit of a luxury pick though, and Renfrow could go in about the fourth round where the Texans don't have a selection due to the Demaryius Thomas trade. If he kept slipping down the draft boards into the fifth or later he would be worth adding to the team.

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