Week 14 standings for the Gow Media show host gambling challenge

The Gow Media standings. Gow Media

HOST                         Rec./This Wk.    NCAA                          NFL

AJ Hoffman                 16-10-1 (0-2)          Texas/OU O78 (L)      PIT -3 (L)

Jerry Bo                       15-9-3 (1-1)              Boise/FSU52.5 (W)    WAS +6.5 (L)

Josh Jordan                15–10-2 (1-1)          Texas +7.5 (L)               NE -6 (W)

Charlie Pallilo              13-13-1 (0-2)         Memphis +3 (L)            IND -4 (L)

Jermaine Every           13–12-2 (1-1)         Texas/OU O78 (L)       NY/TN O40.5(W)

Nick Sharara                13-14 (1-1)              MTSU -1.5 (L)               NE -5 (W)

John Granato              12–13-2 (1-1)          Cal/Stan U46 (W)       IND -5.5 (L)

Joel Blank                    12–14-1 (1-1)          Washington -5 (W)     PIT -3 (L)

Tyler Scott                   12-15 (0-2)              Texas/OU O77 (L)       IND -4 (L) 

Lance Zierlein             11-14-2 (1-1)           Alabama -13.5 (L)        HOU/C U47.5 (W)

Fred Faour                   11-15-1 (0-2)          Texas/OU O78 (L)       NO -7 (L)

Raheel Ramzanali        11-16 (1-1)             Wash/Utah U44.5(W) DET +10 (L)

Patrick Creighton        11-16 (1-1)               Ohio State -15.5 (W)    CHI -3.5 (L)

Barry Laminack           10-15-2 (0-2)         Texas/OU O78 (L)        IND -4 (L)

Jong Lee                      10-16-1 (0-2)            Texas/OU O78 (L)        CA/TB O54.5 (L)

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The weekend is here and that brings us opportunity. Coming off a football week when I hit 12 straight bets in a row and cashed a personal 8 way parlay, I'm feeling like this weekend will bring us more magic.

When getting later into the season, start using motivation as a tool. As in, what were this team's expectations coming into the season and are those goals still in reach? Then find when the moment those goals are not possible and find let down spots. There is a method to the madness, search for angles.

New Plays

Coming soon


Rockets/Wolves over 230.5 5U MAX

Baylor +10 3U


Lakers -8 2nd half 3U

TT over 55.5 5U

3rd Q -4 3U

3rd Q TT over 27.5 5U MAX

915 CST

Los Angeles Lakers first Q TT over 29.5 3U

Game TT over 112 5U MAX

825 CST

Washington Wizards at Minnesota TimberwolvesOver 116.5 2nd half 3U

Previous Plays 

Falcons +14 2U

TT over 19.5 2U

Giants -2.5 2U

854 CST

Brooklyn Nets at Portland Trail Blazers Over 238.5 5U MAX

850 CST

Borussia Dortmund at Bayern Munchen - Germany Bundesliga

640 CST

Golden State Warriors at Minnesota Timberwolves over 229 5U MAX

617 CST

Davidson vs Auburn 2nd half Davidson +1


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