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Bookie Busters: Frosty the cash man

This edition of Bookie Busters is special to me; the holidays are here, and I feel like we really built something special. This article will carry us through Christmas, so cheers my friends, here's to a prosperous holiday!

Im in the zone...

Previous Plays

Celtics -11.5 1U -1.1

Warriors -3.5 1U -1.1
River first half O +5

Game over 2.5 +5

River -1 -6.1

Live over 3.5 +2

Hoff/Werder Bremen Both teams score and over 2.5 5U MAX BOMB -6.4

First half over 1.5 1U -1.1
Hoffenheim/ Bremen Game over 3 3U -3.4

Draw +330 risk 1/2 unit +350 +1.75

1U Parlay -

1B Munich ML -155

Hoff game over 3

Sixers 3rd Q over 29.5 5U +5
Bucks/Pelicans over 124.fH 5U +5

3rd q over 55.5 5U MAX -5.5

Blazers -5.5 1U +1
Oklahoma City Thunder at Sacramento Kings
first half over 118.5 2U +2

+1U Midweek action was a little slow, and we caught fire in the NBA on Wednesday night.
The last article read +235.9 +1= +236.9 Not much, but a positive we will take

Here we come

New Plays
NCAA 12/21

Toledo -4 first half 1U



Game over 3 3U MAX

BTTS and over 2.5 3U MAX

Dortmund TT over 2 5U BOMB

Dortmund ML 2U

UPDATE 12/22 208 CST

Army-6.5 2U


Troy+1 3U MAX


Pitt TT over 24.5 5U MAX


Parlay 1U

Bears -2 2nd half

Rams -4.5 2nd half


Bears -2 2nd half 5U

Rams -4.5 5U 2nd half



2nd half over 27 5 U BOMB (-120)


the kidney and gallbladder plays

Sea TT over 26.5 The Mamba BANGER 8U BOMB...

Over 54.5 5U BOMB

2nd half over 27 5U MAX

UPDATE 12/25 135 CST

Thunder TT over 56 first half 2U



first half over 115 2U



Celtics TT over 112.5 5U


Over 228.5 5U MAX

Parlay 1U

Over 228

Jazz -3.5 First half

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Thurs, Sept. 24 - HOU: Cristian Javier (4-2, 3.33) vs. TEX: Lance Lynn (6-2, 2.53)

Fri, Sept. 25 - HOU: Jose Urquidy (1-1, 2.78) vs. TEX: Kyle Cody (1-1, 1.53)

Sat, Sept. 26 - HOU: TBD vs. TEX: Kyle Gibson (2-6, 5.87)

Sun, Sept. 27 - HOU: TBD vs. TEX: Jordan Lyles (1-5, 7.07)


Season finale - The Astros will wrap up their regular season with their four game set in Arlington at the new Globe Life Field. Houston's magic number rests at two, as the Angels still have a puncher's chance. With Houston's miserable 8-20 road record, the postseason is anything but clinched.

Where's the offense? - The Astros offense has left a lot to be desired over the last few weeks, scoring more than three runs just twice in their last ten games. The bats really need to get going, especially if the team expects to do anything in the playoffs. George Springer has been the only reliable bat of late, with the performances of Carlos Correa, Yuli Gurriel, Alex Bregman, and, most of all, Jose Altuve, leaving a lot to be desired.

Playoff seeding - If the playoffs started today, the Astros would face off with their division rivals in Oakland. There's an infinite number of possibilities over the next four games, but the Astros can see themselves finish anywhere from the fifth seed to out of the playoffs entirely. Any of Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Oakland, Chicago, New York, and Cleveland could be first round foes depending on how the cards fall.


Lance Lynn has been one of the better pitchers in the game for a few years now, Kyle Cody is an intriguing young arm with good stuff, and Jordan Lyles and Kyle Gibson gave the Astros fits in Houston just last week. It isn't a recipe for success for Houston. The Astros win 1 of 4, which combined with the Angels and Mariners failing to take care of business, is enough to get Houston into the playoffs.

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