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Bookie Busters: Frosty the cash man

This edition of Bookie Busters is special to me; the holidays are here, and I feel like we really built something special. This article will carry us through Christmas, so cheers my friends, here's to a prosperous holiday!

Im in the zone...

Previous Plays

Celtics -11.5 1U -1.1

Warriors -3.5 1U -1.1
River first half O +5

Game over 2.5 +5

River -1 -6.1

Live over 3.5 +2

Hoff/Werder Bremen Both teams score and over 2.5 5U MAX BOMB -6.4

First half over 1.5 1U -1.1
Hoffenheim/ Bremen Game over 3 3U -3.4

Draw +330 risk 1/2 unit +350 +1.75

1U Parlay -

1B Munich ML -155

Hoff game over 3

Sixers 3rd Q over 29.5 5U +5
Bucks/Pelicans over 124.fH 5U +5

3rd q over 55.5 5U MAX -5.5

Blazers -5.5 1U +1
Oklahoma City Thunder at Sacramento Kings
first half over 118.5 2U +2

+1U Midweek action was a little slow, and we caught fire in the NBA on Wednesday night.
The last article read +235.9 +1= +236.9 Not much, but a positive we will take

Here we come

New Plays
NCAA 12/21

Toledo -4 first half 1U



Game over 3 3U MAX

BTTS and over 2.5 3U MAX

Dortmund TT over 2 5U BOMB

Dortmund ML 2U

UPDATE 12/22 208 CST

Army-6.5 2U


Troy+1 3U MAX


Pitt TT over 24.5 5U MAX


Parlay 1U

Bears -2 2nd half

Rams -4.5 2nd half


Bears -2 2nd half 5U

Rams -4.5 5U 2nd half



2nd half over 27 5 U BOMB (-120)


the kidney and gallbladder plays

Sea TT over 26.5 The Mamba BANGER 8U BOMB...

Over 54.5 5U BOMB

2nd half over 27 5U MAX

UPDATE 12/25 135 CST

Thunder TT over 56 first half 2U



first half over 115 2U



Celtics TT over 112.5 5U


Over 228.5 5U MAX

Parlay 1U

Over 228

Jazz -3.5 First half

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Composite photo by Jack Brame

As things continue to relax as far as the COVID-19 pandemic is concerned, a return to a semblance of normalcy seems imminent. The NBA has some parameters in place for a potential return. Training camps are set to open late this month and the season is supposed to open July 31. Whether that's the rumored Disney-centered one-stop shop or another form, they have a plan in place to return. There's also no argument between the league and players going back and forth about money either (MLB could learn a lesson here).

So when it comes to the potential return, how does that fare for the local team? The Rockets were 40-24 and tied for the fifth seed in the West when the season was shut down. Since they're getting ready to return potentially, we need to be looking at what chances they may have in making a run in the playoffs towards an NBA title.

Harden's new physique

According to his new trainer, James Harden has done more cardio workouts and lost some weight. Specifically, he's done more football player workouts as opposed to basketball player workouts. There was a pic of Harden floating around showing an obvious loss of weight. His new-found cardio and weight loss could mean more late-game and late-season success for Harden and the Rockets.

Westbrook's edge

Russell Westbrook has a competitive fire that can't be put out. It's like one of those never-ending burning torches you see at monuments. He wants nothing more than to prove he's a winner on a high level. Given that he's reunited with a long time friend in Harden, his competitive nature could help fill the gap where Harden may lack. These two have proven they can coexist very well this season. Now could be their time to take surge.


When the Rockets traded Clint Capela, they fully committed to small-ball. There were times they didn't have a guy in the lineup over 6'5. The tallest guy that gets regular time is roughly 6'8. The smaller, quicker lineup is an advantage on the offensive end, but can be a huge liability on the defensive end. Given the stoppage and restart of the season, it could help them. Suppose other teams are sluggish and can't get their chemistry straight. Houston's advantage is that they go through one or two guys and eat off their shooting. Shooting can be worked on during times like these, whereas other aspects of your game can't.

I'm not saying the Rockets have a built-in advantage, but they have as good a shot as they've ever had in the past. The field is wide open to any team that's in the playoff hunt. No team will have a built-in advantage over others. With the Rockets' unique brand of ball, they may be able to make a run at a title this season. Couple that with Harden's weight loss and Westbrook's competitive nature, it could be very interesting. Whenever the NBA comes back this season, which I believe they will, I think this team has a legit shot at winning it all.

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