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Bookie Busters: Money run

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So, here we are again, a profitable week, but most importantly, one we can learn from.

Variance- the fact or quality of being different, divergent, or inconsistent.

In this game consistency is required long term to be successful, but the variance is what you must be able to withstand to find success.

Prepare yourself for ups and downs, not letting your self fall too far either way at any moment.

Let's get some more holiday cash! Thanks for the support.

Last article

Racing Strasburg vs PSG
Over 3 -1.2



Atlanta/Portland first half over 1 (juiced but Im pounding it -180 5U) push

Atl TT over 2 ?$?$?$? push

Game over 3 5U -6


ATL J. Martinez scores goal 3U +3


Eagles TT over 20.5 5U MAX +5


49ers 2nd Half TT over 10 2U -2.2

Eagles 2nd half pk 3U


Everton vs Watford

Everton 1U -150 -1.5

Bears ML 5U +6.2

Bears+3 5U +5

Bears +3.5 5U +5


A.Thielen pass receptions over 6½ 2U -4



Seattle first half TT over 13 5U MAX -5.5

Seattle Over 19.5 5U MAX +5



Warriors TT over 120.5 3U -3.3

Game over 230.5 2U -2.2


Inter Milan TT over 2 2U -2.4

Game over 3 1U -1.2


Liverpool ML 3U +3

Salah scores 1U +1


Liverpool -1.5 game 2U -2.3

Tottenham +1 2U +2


Last article read 274.1. 274.1 + 4= 278.1

New Plays


Nets vs 76ers over 221.5 1U


Lyon/ Shak (Bovada)

Both teams soccer and over 2.5. 3U -135

Over 3 +105 1U

First half over 1 -170 1U


Total of the day

Lyon/ Shak (Bovada)

Both teams soccer and over 2.5. 2U -135

Over 3 +105 1U

First half over 1 -170 1U

Update 139 CST

Goal score prop of the day



Play of the day

Juventus -1 -154 POD

Juventus first half ML -110 1U


Parlay 1U Juventus -1

Man city over 3.5

Bayern Ajax over 3

For any questions or comments reach me @JerryBoKnowz Twitter.

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Walter will host The Night of Champions. Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images.

In 2014, Austin Walter rushed for 2,704 yards and 34 touchdowns as a senior at Crosby High School. Despite falling short of a state title, Walter was named District 19-4A MVP and finished his prep career with a little over 6,000 rushing yards on 613 carries (6,062 yds). Seven years later, Walter will be returning to his high school alma mater to give back to the community that laid the foundation for an NFL career as a member of the San Francisco 49ers.

"It's a blessing to be able to come from a small town and be one of the guys who made it out," Walter said. "Not a lot of people made it to the NFL or the NBA from Crosby High School. To be one of the first, it's an amazing feeling. It's a blessing and an honor."

On Thursday, April 15, Walter will host The Night of Champions to benefit the Crosby High School Booster Club from 6-9 p.m. The event will be a weight lifting competition at Crosby High School for student-athletes around the area to showcase their talents and abilities.

In addition to hosting a weight lifting showcase, Walter will also share his life teachings with student-athletes in attendance. Perseverance and not taking no for an answer will be one of the most vital messages the Crosby native will share with aspiring pro-athletes. It's the two virtues Walter has leaned on from little league football to the NFL. And as an undrafted prospect in 2019, it was that same morale that helped him outshine six other running backs during the 49ers rookie training camp that same year.

"Before I started playing football in high school, a lot of people thought I was too small," Walter said. "They thought because we played little league and not in middle school we would not make it in high school. My twin brother [Ashton Walter] and I did not listen to that. We just kept pushing forward."

"When I left Rice, people thought I was going to play in the Canadian league or AFF, and I did not take no for an answer. I believed in myself. And I believed in God. And if I can make it out of a small town like Crosby, anybody can make it...It's the mentality I've had my entire life of not quitting. I feel like that is what got me to the point I am at right now."

Whether their life goal is to play in the NFL or not, Walter's primary objective for The Night of Champions is to be an inspiration and show kids they can find success despite their environment. It is one of the things the former XFL running back (Dallas Renegades) wished he would have seen growing up in Crosby.

After graduating from Crosby High School, Walter went on to have a record-breaking collegiate career at Rice University. He became one of two players in school history to rush for over 1,500 yards (1,744 yds.) and 1,000 kick return yards (1,548 yds.) in four seasons with the Owls. In February, Walter signed a one-year contract extension to re-join the 49ers ahead of the 2021 NFL season.

Click here to learn more about The Night of Champions at Crosby High School or support Walter and the Crosby High School Booster Club.

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