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Bookie Busters: Pull up the bread truck

Time to haul in some bread. Credit: Getty Images

"There go those Bookie Busters again"- The Bookie

Another one!

Another winning article, and more cash for my people. We are currently riding an 18-3 streak and looking to add to that this weekend.

Pull up the bread truck, big dough for everyone!

Previous Plays

Racing Strasburg vs PSG
Over 3 -1.2




Atlanta/Portland first half over 1 (juiced but Im pounding it -180 5U)

Atl TT over 2 ?$?$?$?

Game over 3 5U


ATL J. Martinez scores goal 3U


Eagles TT over 20.5 5U MAX


49ers 2nd Half TT over 10 2U

Eagles 2nd half pk 3U


Everton vs Watford

Everton 1U -150

Bears ML 5U

Bears+3 5U

Bears +3.5 5U


A.Thielen pass receptions over 6½ 2U



Seattle first half TT over 13 5U MAX

Seattle Over 19.5 5U MAX



Warriors TT over 120.5 3U

Game over 230.5 2U


Inter Milan TT over 2 2U

Game over 3 1U


Liverpool ML 3U

Salah scores 1U


Liverpool -1.5 game 2U

Tottenham +1 2U

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Houston Texans owner Cal McNair and general manager Nick Caserio will meet with Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy Monday via Zoom to discuss the Texans head coaching vacancy. This may be the Texans last, best prayer of keeping star quarterback Deshaun Watson.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, many in the NFL believe that Watson already has taken his last snap in a Texans uniform.

Watson reportedly is angered because he believes the Texans promised he would be involved in the hiring search for the team's new general manager, a job which ultimately went to Caserio without input from Watson and contrary to the advice of a professional search company. McNair's decision to hire Caserio reportedly was steered by controversial team executive Jack Easterby, who has gained enormous power and influence in the Texans organization.

Involving a player in the hire of a general manager is rare in the NFL. League experts are hard-pressed to recall a similar situation. Still, Watson believes he was disrespected and tension between Watson and management was inflamed when legendary Texans player Andre Johnson tweeted that Easterby is to blame for Watson-McNair estrangement, and practically every other problem within the organization.

One step in resolving the situation with Watson would be to allow the quarterback to participate in the Zoom interview with Bieniemy, who is Watson's preferred choice to be the next Texans head coach. Bieniemy comes with the endorsement of Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs record-breaking quarterback and friend of Watson.

Of course, after Bieniemy was left off the Texans' list of candidates for the job, who knows if Bieniemy even wants the job in Houston now?

Watson and Johnson aren't the only current and former Texans who have expressed unhappiness with the teams' direction.

Offensive tackle Tytus Howard was open about his reaction concerning the way Texans front office has gone about dealing with Watson.

Former Texans star wideout DeAndre Hopkins gave his two cents about the mismanagement of Watson - something Hopkins experienced firsthand.

Now the Texans fan base (translation: Deshaun Watson fan base) planned a march to support the quarterback.

There have even been petitions to have Jack Easterby fired.

Watson, being the true professional and blossoming icon of the NFL asked fans to end the march, citing COVID-19 protocols.

One thing is certain. There is only one person holding up the fanbase of the Houston Texans organization engulfed in a dumpster fire: Deshaun Watson.

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