Here's the exact moment that likely caused Mike Fiers to turn on the Astros

The Astros sign-stealing scandal is behind us now, so we think, but what caused Mike Fiers to go on the record is still a bit of a mystery.

ESPN 97.5's Raheel Ramzanali takes an in-depth look at the timeline of events that ultimately caused Mike Fiers to flip on the Astros, and what his motivation likely was.

Image via:ESPN/YouTube/Screenshot

Thursday on Around The Horn, Tony Reali, Frank Isola, Sarah Spain and Woody Paige discuss if former Astros manager A.J. Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow have truly served their punishments if they are allowed to return next season even if no games are played in 2020.

First, we have no idea what the 2020 season will look like at this point, so there's no reason to complain about their punishments because MLB's 2020 season could still take place. Second, both Hinch and Luhnow were fired. MLB handed down the suspensions, if you have an issue with their punishments, then go after commissioner Rob Manfred.

Should this really be an Astros story?