Florio & Mike Golic discuss how Houston Texans can capitalize​ on team expectations


Mike Florio and Mike Golic react to Texans HC Lovie Smith expressing confidence in QB Davis Mills this season, and discuss how quickly the Texans should prioritize returning to respectability considering the stage they're in with the rebuild and how much money the team will earn regardless of their record.

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How the Houston Astros are finally feeling the sting from MLB's hypocrisy

So far this offseason for the Astros, there's been way more news about players possibly leaving the organization rather than free agents joining the club.

We've all heard the Alex Bregman rumors, and GM Dana Brown making it seem like spending big money this offseason isn't likely to happen.

But it's not like the Astros are unwilling to spend money, the problem is, they've already spent it. The Astros currently have a whopping 10 players being paid over $11 million for next season.

And a big reason for that is the lack of talent/depth in the farm system. We all know it takes a few years for prospects to develop in the minors before being ready to make an impact in the big leagues.

So as we sit here awaiting the 2024 season without a decent option to replace Bregman in 2025, we can't help but wonder if that would be the case had the Astros not been docked 2 first round and 2 second round picks in the 2020 and 2021 draft for the sign-stealing scandal.

While many national fans complained that the Astros were not punished enough, Houston is certainly feeling the ramifications now. And the Bregman trade rumors are evidence of that. The Astros have let multiple star players walk year after year, but all of a sudden we're hearing rumors about Bregman being traded before a season in which the Astros appear all-in to compete for another championship.

The Astros have been forced to spend money to compete at the highest level because the farm system isn't spilling over with big league talent. Many fans will point to the bad contracts that are on the books. The deals for Jose Abreu, Rafael Montero, and Lance McCullers come to mind.

But think about this. What if one or two of those picks from 2020 or 2021 had turned into a quality big league player by this point. Maybe the club wouldn't have felt the need to overpay Rafael Montero or Jose Abreu. It's not crazy to think one of these draft picks could have developed into a decent bullpen arm or first baseman with some pop in his bat.

While the money saved from these deals probably wouldn't keep Breggy in an Astros uniform past 2024 based on his alleged contract expectations, we doubt the club would have considered trading him before the final year of his contract. Just like George Springer, Gerrit Cole, and Carlos Correa.

Plus, it's interesting to see all these MLB fans clamor for Bregman to join their favorite team after booing him incessantly for the last several years. When players leave the Astros, fans seem to treat them completely different. Just look at George Springer and Carlos Correa.

On the other hand, some fans say they would never want an Astro to join their team in free agency, they could never root for them. Which is ridiculous if you think about it. SportsMapHouston's Ken Hoffman pointed out recently how Yankees and Red Sox fans quickly started rooting for players from their rival after they put on a different uniform. Some good examples would be Roger Clemens, Johnny Damon, Jacoby Elsbury, and Wade Boggs.

Fans may take shots a Bregman now, but they'll change their tune if he's hitting home runs for their favorite team.

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