What this bold prediction really says about the Houston Texans roster

Who will be the Houston Texans MVP of 2022? offered a curious Texans prediction, stating they believe Laremy Tunsil will be the non-QB team MVP this season.

ESPN Houston's Cody Stoots makes his case that if an offensive lineman is your team MVP, then the team must not be very good.

Plus, the guys go on to discuss why they hope Brandin Cooks will be the team's MVP this year, and much more!

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Houston Texans QB Davis Mills was a guest on The Pat McAfee Show and predicted a "big leap" in year 2 with the Texans. How realistic is a big leap from Mills in year 2, and should the Texans be given credit for giving Mills the chance to be their long-term starter? ESPN Houston's Jake Asman, Cody, Stoots, and Brad Kellner discuss on The Wheelhouse.

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