6 important takeaways from Lovie Smith's Week 4 Houston Texans presser

Houston Texans head coach Lovie Smith met with the media on Monday and answered their questions about the Texans' 34-24 loss to the Chargers on Sunday. Here are some takeaways from the presser.

The Texans have been in every game. I guess that's something positive this season. Although the 10 point loss was not as close as it seemed, Lovie saw it differently. He saw it as a great sign that the Texans had the ball in the fourth quarter with chance to take the lead. Let's not forget, they went down 21-0 before Dameon Pierce's long TD run in the second quarter. And they only had seven points on the board until about 1:15 left in the 3rd quarter.

Lovie had to defend Rex Burkhead's usage, again. When Lovie was asked why Burkhead was in the game on an important 4th and 1 play, Lovie pointed to the TD Burkhead scored and asked why nobody had an issue with him being in the game on that play. Lovie also pointed out that the play failed because nobody blocked Khalil Mack, and Burkhead was not at fault.

Dameon Pierce had a breakout game, but he still wasn't on the field for the biggest play of the game on 4th down. Lovie repeatedly told the media that Pierce can't be on the field for every play, but he's clearly missing the point. People are concerned about Pierce not playing in high leverage situations. No one expects Pierce to play every snap of the game. Pierce finished with 131 rush yards on 14 carries. He also caught 6 passes for 8 yards receiving.

Lovie said this was the team's worst performance on defense. The defense was unable to turn the ball over and Justin Herbert was only sacked once while throwing for 340 yards and 2 TDs. The Texans rush defense gave up some big scores to Chargers RB Austin Eckler, but they kept the rushing yards in check. The Chargers only rushed for 81 yards on Sunday.

The Texans aren't making a QB change, according to Lovie Smith. Before Dameon Pierce ripped off his long TD run, making the score 21-7, backup QB Kyle Allen was seen with his helmet on getting loose. Many believed he might soon be entering the game, but Pierce's impressive run may have gotten Mills off the hook. The team has no plans to replace Mills at this time.

Special teams did a nice job causing a turnover in the fourth quarter, but Davis Mills and the Texans offense were unable to capitalize and settled for a field goal. Lovie mentioned that he was happy the team had a chance to take the lead in the fourth quarter, but after the Texans field goal, the Chargers went right down the field and scored a TD to ice the game. Hardly something to be excited about.

Be sure to check out the video above to hear Lovie's full commentary on the game.

Up next: The Texans head to Jacksonville to play the Jaguars on Sunday.

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Upton and Verlander are headed to the Big Apple. Photo by Elsa/ Getty Images.

News erupted on a relatively quiet Monday, December 5 that Houston Astros superstar ace and Cy Young Award-winnerJustin Verlander inked a deal with the New York Mets.

According to the New York Post, Verlander, a free agent, agreed to a two-year, $86 million deal with the Mets, with a vesting, third-year option for $35 million. While that's huge news in the world of pro baseball, Verlander's superstar model wife Kate Upton has been also trending on Twitter.

No surprise there, as cover girl and fashion influencer Upton boasts more than 6 million followers on Instagram alone and one of the most followed models on the globe. But it's not a cover shot or sizzling bikini pic making the rounds, but rather, a video of the supermodel shooting the bird to Philadelphia Phillies fans.

Upton, an oft-smiling mom and wife, had no problem backing down from Philly Fan with a double-barreled, middle finger salute. While the audio is hard to decipher, we're guessing Upton didn't edit her smack talk in the dubious City of Brotherly Love.

Plenty of local talk (if one is interested in that sort of thing) points to the Mets being the team for "real" NYC baseball fans, while Yankees fans are said to be band-wagoning, late to games, and full of corporate partners. It's also good optics that Verlander didn't bolt for the team that the Astros dispatched in a four-game sweep on the way to their second World Series title.

Houston fans will no doubt miss Upton, who wed Verlander, gave birth to darling daughter Genevieve, and essentially broke the internet when she donned a retro Astros jacket — making it an instant sellout — all while here in the Bayou City. As transplants from there regularly point out, Houston is notoriously friendlier than the Big Apple.

But, something tells Upton, who has proven that she's not afraid to go publicly potty-mouthed in defense of JV, will have zero problem handling any mouthy NYC fans.

Upton clearly gives zero bleeps when defending her man. Kate Upton/Twitter

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